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Shri Vallabhacharya
Shri Vallabhacharya

This is a chapter in ShreeNathji’s website, dedicated to Shri Vallabhacharya, his thoughts and teachings on some very important subjects, like Brahmbambandh, Pushtimarg…

The information has been taken from the book Written by--Bhai Manilal C. Parekh:
Shri Vallabhacharya – Life, Teachings and Movement (A Religion of Grace) A.D. 1943; Second Edition A.D. 1969

I have given the pages from where these particular details have been taken. It has been only to provide a greater insight on Pushtimarg and its Founder, Shri Vallabhacharya; who was the close sewak of our beloved ShreeNathji and who established this religious movement.
This book was originally written in 1943, the second edition in 1969.

Printed by : Shri Bahagvata Dharma Mission
Vimal ben Manilal Parekh
Harmony house
Rajkot Jaihind Printing Press, Rajkot: Second edition, 12 April 1969 Shri Vallabhacharya Jayanti Day

Page 172

The normality of Vallabha's life and character appears at its best in the fact that while being so profoundly intellectual, his whole life was dominated by Bhakti. This devotion was not a matter of mere emotion with him. It was that indeed, but it was something far greater. It was deeply ethical and spiritual, and as such covered the entire life of man. It meant both loving God with all one's heart and soul and doing His will in all things. It meant with Vallabha, besides, an affirmation of the world, a matter in which he went not only beyond Shankara, but even Ramanuja and Madhva, the great Theistic Acharyas. This was the reason why he followed in his own life the Vaidic and the Aupanishadic ideal of Grijastashrama, the life of the householder. He did this because he considered it to be the most important part of human life. He could do this because he had found in Bhakti or Pusti as he called it an element of transcendent value, something that transvalued all values and transmuted the entire world and made it an integral part of Divine Life. Vallabha's character presents thus a remarkable combination of all the elements of human life, physical, intellectual emotional, ethical and spiritual, fused together on a very high plant into a harmonious whole.
He was born to Shri Laxman Bhatt and Yallamagaru;
on a Thursday, 11th day of the dark half of the month of Vaishak, Vikram Samvat 1535 (1478 AD), in a forest in Champa.

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Author : Abha Shahra Shyama

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