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Apsara Kund

Apsara Kund is located at the South end of Shri Govardhan

When Indr dev did Abhishek of Shree Thakurji, the Apsaras who had come from heaven performed dance here.

During the raaslila Shree RadhaKrishn melted in Their Forms and flowed into the two Kunds.

Apsara Kund is the melted Form of Shree Radha, and Nawal Kund is the melted Form of Shree Krishn.

Aaye Apsara Kund Pe Sakhan Sahit Harirai |

Gopin Kou Gayan Sunyou Manmein Ati Sukh Paay ||

Shri Cheet Swami is mukhy adhikari of dwar at Apsara Kund.

Present day photos of Apsara Kund

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