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Shree Krishn Abhishek on Giriraj Govardhan

During the lifting of Shri Govardhan leela, Shree Krishn defeated Indr dev. As soon as Indr dev realised that it is sakshat Shree Krishn Himself who had ordered the Vrajvasis not to worship him, He became humble.

He does a long stuti (prayer) in praise of Shree Krishn Chander along with sacred abhishek for Shree Krishn on Giriraj Govardhan.

Stuti of Bhagwan Shree Krishn by Indr, Abhishek by Airavat Elephant and Surabhi Cow:

Later, Indr Dev, His pride broken, bows before KrishnChandr, along with all the other devtas in an isolated spot on the Govardhan Giriraj.

Indr prays to Shree Krishn asking for forgiveness and singing His glories; as he realises that Krishn is Supreme.

(There is a shlok in Garg Samhita on this stuti (prayer), reciting which is considered very auspicious).

On completing this stuti the devtas and Indr do pranam. Then Surbhi cow, who had Appeared from the Samudra manthan, (Ocean churning) comes on Giriraj Govardhan and bathes Krishn Chander with her milk , ‘Dugdh abhishek’ (Milk bathing).

The Gajraj Airavat fills his four trunks with Gangajal and does abhishek (Holy bathing) on Shree Krishn.

Rejoicing, all devtas, gandhrav, kinnar rishis do stuti with chants of ved mantras and flowers.

On completion of this abhishek the great parvat Govardhan is over joyed and in experiencing this anand it begins to melt and flow from all sides. Then Bhagwan Krishn blesses it with His Hast Kamal(Hand print); which is yet visible on Govardhan parvat. Thus this becomes the param teerth.

Where the hand print was, a print of the divine feet also appeared.(Charan print).

Close to this Surbhi devi has also left her hoof print.

During this pavitra snan of Shree Krishn, the Gangajal that flowed from the sky created the Mansi Ganga.

Mansi Ganga today

The milk that flowed from Surbhi cow which bathed Govind formed the Govind Kund.

The abhishek Jal that flowed from alokik Gajraj Airavat trunks is known as the Airawat kund today

Thus completing the parikrama of Bhagwan Shree Krishn, all Devi devtaas made offerings; and with the goonj of Jai Jai kaar left for Swarg lok.

(This has been translated from the Hindi version of the Holy Garg Samhita written by Shri Garg Muni. It is a shortened description as required for the narration of the varta).

Indr maan bhung mandir, Shri Govardhan

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