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ShreeNavneet Priya Ji, at Nathdwara


Presently Virajmaan at Nathdwara (Rajasthan)

Paat Utsav is on Poush Krishna 6

Mukhy Dwar is at Surbhi Kund, Shri Govardhan

Shree NavneetPriyaji Swarup is gaur (fair) complexion. He has makhan in His right hand and the left hand rests on the floor. This baal Swarup of Shree Krishn sits with the folded left leg with eyes down, Anjan (Kajal) in the eyes, Nupur (Payal) in the legs and Kada (Bangle) in His hands. A baby Swarup who walks or rather drags Himself on His knees.

Swarup Bhavna is of Baal Lila.

This Swarup is famous for the "Rangan-lila". Rangan means a baby that crawls on its knees or stomach. This Swarup is also seen to run after cows on His knees. This Swarup is also famous for Bal-lila (child hood games and pranks).

Navneet means fresh Makhan and Priya means one who loves. This Swarup loves makhan hence He was named NavneetPriyaji.

To His bhakt he is known as Niravaran, which means the one who does not wear any clothes (vastra).

His Swarup is devoid of clothes. But he wears anklets, bracelets and a waistband (kandoro) around his ankles, wrists and waist. His hair is coiled above his head in a loose top knot. His eyes are wide open, lined with kohl and look downwards. Two small teeth are visible in his mouth.

A Rajput woman who went to Shri Yamunaji to fill water found this Swarup at Brahmaand ghat, MahaVan.

She handed this Swarup to Shri VallabhAchary.

Shree NavneetPriya ji was given to Shri Gajjan Dhavan for seva.

Later this divy Swarup was with Shri Gusainji at Gokul who personally did seva.

Shree NavneetPriyaji was Shree Gusaiji's Nij Thakurjee. Shree NavneetPriyaji since then remained in the family of Shree Mahaprabhuji only.

After this Shree NavneetPriyaji was given to his son Shri Giridhar ji who then passed the seva to his son Shri Damodarji.

When ShreeNathji was on His way to Nathdwara from Giriraj Govardhan Shree NavneetPriyaji joined Him at the Agra Charan Chauki and travelled with ShreeNathji to Nathdwara; since then He has been Virajmaan at Nathdwara.

Finally this Swarup is at Nathdwara where He Lives in a small Haveli near ShreeNathji.

On some important Utsavs Shree Navneet Priyali comes to ShreeNathji’s Nij mandir and sits with Him.

Mool Aacharya’s Seva Swarup is Prabhucharan Shri Gusainji.

Presently Seva Swarup of Pradhan Peethadheeshwar Tilkayat 108 Shri Indradamanji Maharajshri.

As Shree Svaminiji was of fair complexion, it was to fulfil Her desire (Manorath) NavneetPriyaji also created a fair complexion. To protect Himself from "Ashoor", the Evil eyes of wrong doers, He decorated His eyes with Anjan (Kajal).

The Swarup of Shree BalKrishnalalji and Shree NavneetPriyaji is similar.

Shree BalKrishnalalji holds a laddoo in both his hands while Shree NavneetPriyaji holds makhan in his right hand alone.

Jai Shree RadhaKrishn

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