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Shri Surdas

Shri Surdas stay on bhutal is from VS 1535-1640; (1479 AD)

In Nitya lila, he is Krishn sakha.

In the Nikunj maan lila he is Shree Thakurjee’s sakhi named Champaklata sakhi

Shri Surdas is mukhy adhikari of dwar at Chandr Sarovar and is nity (always) virajman here in his sakhi roop;

Any jeev can enter this dwar only with her permission.

After completing 100,000 kaavy rachnas, Surdas decided he would leave this world after he completed a total of 1,25,000 kavya rachnas. The same night Shree Krishn secretly wrote 25,000 additional kaavy rachnas and entered them all into Surdas’’s pustak, signing hem with the name, “Sur Shyam”.

Next day Shree Krishn gave Surdas hukum, “It is now time for you to return to my nity Leela”. Following the Divine hukum, Shri Surdas went to Parsoli by Chandr Sarovar and prepared to leave his earthly body.

श्री सूरदासजी

नित्य लीला में सखा कृष्ण

निकुंज लीला में सखी चम्पकलता

मुख्य अधिकारी चन्द्र सरोवर द्वार, श्री गोवर्धन,

भूतल पर स्थिति - VS 1535-1640

Present photo of Shri Surdas dwar; at Chandr Sarovar, Shri Govardhan

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