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ShreeNathji Vartas

Varta is a story. ShreeNathji varta would mean stories of “Personal Divine interaction” with Thakurjee ShreeNathji in our world in the present time period. It is believed that Divya Shaktis can become dormant for unlimited period of time. When some divine leela is to be repeated or completed, then as per Divine wish a Divine guru from Golok is born; who awakens the divine shakti once again.

As per the desire of Bhagvan Himself, our own Thakurjee, ShreeNathji, is ‘Alive’ once again in our midst and does His Divine Play and leela with few chosen bhakts.  It is Shree Thakurji’s  desire  that some of His Divine Play be documented and spread to all His bhakts. (It is like a repeat of the 84 Vaishnavs or 252 Vaishnav Ki Vaarta, in today’s time period)

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