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The Twelve Charan Chauki of ShreeNathji

Wherever ShreeNathji rested or stayed for a longer period, and where some festival or manorath  was celebrated, or ShreeNathji blessed some bhakt in divine leela, gave darshans or granted mukti to deserving souls; a Haveli has been constructed; these pavitr places are now worshipped as the twelve Charan Chauki of ShreeNathji.
Few of the Charan Chauki were made when ShreeNathji was taken into hiding from the Mughal kings attacks who wanted to destroy all Hindu places of seva.
Majority Charan Chauki are on route when ShreeNathji left Vraj for Sinhad (Nathdwara) which is the land of rani Ajab Kunwari.
From Vraj to Mewar, ShreeNathji spent 2 years, 4 months and 7 days on route in His Rath with all His Vrajvasis;

With Divy ShreeNathji, there is so much history, it is an impossible task put everything together. Everything with regard to ShreeNathji is a proven documentation, its a divine Reality in our times.
Miracles, and Divine Leelas happened all over this pavitr Govardhan Parvat.
There are Vartas and Vartas and Vartas, all beyond the extraordinary.
ShreeNathji spread extraordinary anand amongst His bhakts who also came on Earth to join Him in this Ras filled leela.

In this chapter I’ve given the minimum information in regard to the Charan Chaukis, so readers do not get confused. Greater details are else where in the website.
Though the present day photos and address are given below for any bhakt who would wish to do darshans.
Jai ShreeNathji Prabhu
(Details can be read in the ‘ShreeNathji moving to Nathdwara’ chapter)

ठाकुरजी श्रीनाथजी की १२ चरण चौकी

जिस स्थल पर ठाकुरजी ने आराम करा या कुछ समय बिताया, उत्सव मनाया, या कुछ मनोरथ का आनंद लिया, किसी स्थल पर भक्त पर कृपा करी, दर्शन दिए, योग्य आत्माओं को मुक्ति प्रदान करी; इस सभी स्थल पर हवेली या बैठकजी का निर्माण हो गया।
ये पवित्र स्थल श्रीनाथजी की चरण चौकी के नाम से प्रसिद्ध हैं, और मंदिर के समान यहाँ सेवा या अर्चना होती है।

कुछ चरण चौकी का निर्माण हुआ जब श्रीनाथजी को मुगल से छुपाने के लिए कुछ समय बिताना पड़ा।
अधिकतर उस रास्ते में है, जहाँ से श्रीनाथजी गुजरे, जब वे गिरिराज से नाथद्वारा के लिए रवाना हुए। 

नाथद्वारा रानी अजब कुंवरी की भूमि है, जहाँ  श्रीनाथजी विराजते 

हैं। ठाकुरजी ने इस व्रज से मेवाड़ की यात्रा में २ वर्ष, ४ महीने, ७ दिन अपने रथ में बिताए।

​जय श्रीनाथजी भगवान 

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