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Nidhi Swarups

Shri Vallabh Achary and Shri Gusainji, the two Divine Gurus of Pushtimarg; have accepted twelve Divine Forms of Shree Krishn as Nidhi Swarups.

These Divine Shree RadhaKrishn Swarup are various Forms of Shree Krishn who used His Divine Swarups during various Divine Leela at Vraj, at various stages of His avatar more than 5000 years ago at Vraj Mandal.
Once that particular leela was over, These divine Forms as Urja Swarup stayed on in the particular sthal and later Appeared as physical Forms to various bhakts. These Swarups were all discovered by bhakts or the divine gurus.
All these Leela Swarups were offered seva by Shri Mahaprabhuji and Shri Gusainji who passed the Divine Swarups to chosen bhakts; which collectively came to be known as Nidhi Swarups.

Finally all these Divine Swarups were given to the descendants of Shri VallabhAchary and Shri Gusainji, and till today They are virajmaan with them as their Nidhi Swarup (Personal Deity Form).
The importance of all these Swarups is that initially they were offered seva by Shri Mahaprabhu VallabhAchary and Shri Gusainji.

ShreeNathji is the Swarup when Shree Krishn lifted Govardhan Parvat.
Shree Navneet Priyaji, Shree BalKrishnlal ji, Shree Mukundrai ji are all Baal Swarup (Baby Forms) who hold a makhan ball (butter) or a laddo in one hand.

Shree Mathura Dhishji, Shree Dwarka Dhishji and Shree Kalyanrai ji are various Forms of Vishnu Swarurp, who have four arms and four ‘aydha'.

Shree Gokul Chandramaji and Shree Madan Mohanji are Swarup where Shree Krishn is playing His bansuri.

Shree GokulNath ji is Swarup of Shree Krishn playing bansuri with four arms.

Shree Natavarlal ji is Shree Krishn Swarup dancing with a bansuri in His hand.

Shree Vithhal Nath ji Swarup is that of a small dark golden Shree Krishn, who stands with His hands resting on His hips. All the Divine Swarups are small except that of ShreeNathji.

(All information and images are taken from the internet and concisely compiled for use in a way which makes it easy to understand the Swarups history and importance. Credit has been given to the appropriate sites. If there is anything that is not included please feel free to contact us).



Bhavbhavna of Shree Dwarkeshji (Bhavnaware)

Shreenathji Pithikabhavna by Shree Hariraiji and Shree Gopeshwarji

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