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PushtiMarg Baithaks

Baithaks are dharmic sthals where there is no pratima (Idol)or Chitr (Picture); seva is done of Gaddi (Seating).  Shri Vallabhachary, the founder of Pushtimarg has 84 Baithakji; these are places where he  narrated the Pavitr Bhagvad Katha. Mahaprabhuji had circled the whole of India three times and done sthapna of these various Baithaks.

Each Baithak has its own particular Charitr (description). Shri Vitthalnathji Gusainji has 28 Baithakji, where he spent time for various types of seva.  Shri Gokulnathji has 13 Baithaks.

There are 4 Baithakji of Sri GovardhanNathji. Here in this website you will find description and photos of all that I have visited already, and as the kripa of darshans continue I will keep adding with present day photos.

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