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12th Charan Chauki is at Ghasiyar

This scenic place is situated in the Gokunda Mountains, about 18 miles away from Udaipur.

ShreeNathji had to be moved from Nathdwara due to a threat created by the Scindia army who threatened to destroy and loot the Haveli.

So initially ShreeNathji was kept hidden at His Udaipur Haveli while an exact replica of His Nathdwara Haveli was built at Ghasiyar. His Paat Utsav was celebrated here. Seva similar to the Haveli at Nathdwara was also established soon.

Unfortunately soon it was discovered that the environment and water here was bad, and would not let any future generations of Mahaprabhuji survive.

Asking permission to move back to Nathdwara, as Shri Girdhariji bowed down, Shreeji spread His feet side ways, outwardly, and bought His right hand down from His waist on Shri Girdhariji as blessings and approval. (These are the darshans maintained here in the form of a pichwai showing Shreeji’s lotus feet turned sideways).

(Details of Ghasiyar can be read in the Nathdwara chapter)

१२वी चरण चौकी घसियार में है

श्रीनाथजी ने नाथद्वारा से यहाँ स्थान बदला, और करीब ८ वर्ष विराजे। जिस के पश्चात वापस नाथद्वारा हवेली पधारे।

(घासियर का विसरित विवरण नाथद्वारा चैप्टर में है)

Present day darshans of the Ghasiyar Haveli at Ghasiyar

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