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7th Charan Chauki is at Kishangarh, Pitambar kee gaal, Rajasthan

After four months of Chaatur Maas, ShreeNathji moved on to Kishangarh. ShreeNathji stayed here at a village called Ajmeete, Unchee Gail, which was located in a dense forest of Dhak trees. ShreeNathji loved this place which was full of Kesuda flowers.

ShreeNathji enjoyed Vasant Ritu for three months at this place.

This is about 8 kms away from Kishangarh, Silora village, Pitambar kee gaal. It is about 18 miles from Ajmer city.

(Details can be read in the ‘ShreeNathji moving to Nathdwara’ chapter)

सातवी चरण चौकी किशन गढ़, राजस्थान में है

अजमीती गाँव में, धाक व्रक्ष के घने जंगल में श्रीनाथजी ने वसंत ऋतु के तीन महीने बिताए।

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