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Chandra Sarovar

Chandr Sarovar is located at Parasoli village and is about 1.5 km from Govardhan

Parashar muni had done Tap here at Parasoli in the Saraswat kalp. Ved Vyasji was also born here in Parashar muni’s family.

To fulfill the desire of sakhi Chandravali, Shree Krishn did raas leela here. That is the reason its called Chandr Sarovar

During Saraswat Kalp, Chandr Sarovar was known as ancient Vraj. This is the place where Shree Krishn played flute and did raas leela on Sharad Purnima

A very important sthal in the history of Shree RadhaKrishn and ShreeNathji

Shri Vallabh Acharya has his baithakji here; also Shri Gusainji Viprayog baithakji is here, where he stayed for six months

The the well from which Jal was taken for ShreeNathji seva lies in neglect.

One can have darshans of ShreeNathji mandir from Chandra Sarovar. ShreeNathji would stand on His window to give darshans when Shri Gusainji live here for six months away from ShreeNathji seva.

Shri Surdas, Asht sakha of ShreeNathji did sadhna here. His Dwar is also here.

Present day photos of Chandr Sarovar

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