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Eravat Kund

Abhishek with Ganga water, done by the alokik Airavat elephant, collected as the Airavat Kund; after Indr Dev realized his mistake of doubting Shree Krishn Chandr

It is located at a very quiet, serene and well-maintained area on the parikrama marg, and is easily a place to spend sometime in meditation

This Kund is located on the Western side of Govardhan, near Surbhi Kund

Eravat is Indr Dev’s personal Elephant at Indr Lok, who performed Shree Krishn Chander’s abhishek by drawing waters from the sacred Ganga with his trunk

Shri Govind Swami is mukhy adhikari of dwar at Eravat Kund.

Present day photos of Eravat Kund.

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