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Giriraj Govardhan birth at Golok

Giriraj Govardhan birth at Golok

गिरिराज गोवर्धन की उत्तपती का वर्णन

Govardhan is the King of all mountains, and very dear to Hari.A teerth like it is not to be found on this earth nor in swarg.

Bahulashav requests Narad muni to tell him how and when and how Govardhan appeared from Shree Krishn’s chest.

Shree paripurn Parmatma Shree Krishn and Shree Radha after manifesting Golok presided in golden splendour.

Within this Golok one day, in a beautiful Raas Mandal, which was filled with the sweet echo of anklets, the courtyards splendid with pearls and parasols, filled with fragrant Malati creepers, echoed with the sounds of flute and mradang, sounds of sweet singing; Shree Radha cast a side long glance to Koti Manoj Mohan sweetheart with a question in a serious tone; “Jagdeeswar, if You are pleased with My love in the Raas, I would like to ask tell You of a desire in My heart”.

Shree Bhagwan says, “My Dear, whatever desire You have in Your heart, if I have not already fulfilled, please ask”.

Shree Radha replied, “At Vrindavan on the shores of Yamunaji, in the back side of the divya Nikunj, I request You to create a secluded and beautiful sthal for Raas Ras. Dev Dev! this is My desire”.

Shree Bhagwan saying “Tathastu” (So be it), meditating on a secluded leela place, looks within His Heart with His lotus eyes.

As the group of gopis watched, From Shree Krishn’s Heart, from His love appeared an extraordinary radiant ,strong light, just like a sprouted seed from the ground. Falling on the Raas bhumi, This love began to grow in a mountain shape. Entire divya parvat shone with jewels of every kind. Its beauty increased with the many streams and kandras (caves)on it. Kadamb, Bakul, Ashok trees, creepers made it look extraordinary beautiful. It was full of Mandar and Kand flowers and several type of birds made sweet music on it.

In a moment this mountain became one lakh yojan broad, hundred koti yojan long like the Shesh. It was fifty crore yojan tall. Spread in fifty koti yojan, this parvat looked like the King of mountains. Hundreds of peaks began to shine, the Govardhan parvat shone like a tall palace with several golden domes.

Some intelligent people called it Govardhan, others called it ‘Shatshrang’ (one Hundred peaks). In spite of being so huge, in its enthusiasm it continued to expand more. This created fear and an uproar in Golok.

Shree Hari had to stand up and give a slight slap with His hand, “Arrey, Why do you continue to expand in joy? You are going to cover the entire Lok? Should the other Lok not be able to stay here?”. So saying, Shree Hari quietened it, and stopped it from growing further.

Shree Krishn’s beloved Shree Radha was very happy when She saw this gigantic mountain. She settled on this secluded place with Shree Hari happily.

This is how this Giriraj which is full of lata kunj, dark as a monsoon cloud, dear to all devtaas, came to Varj Mandal inspired by Shree Krishn.

West of Bharat on the centre of Shalmaldweep, Govardhan took birth from Dronachals wife. Maharishi Pulastya brought it to Vraj Mandal in Bharatvarsh.

Just like Govardhan continued to grow at Golok, if it began to grow on Earth too, it would cover the entire earth. that is the reason Muni gave the curse to Dron’s son Govardhan, that it would reduce the size of a sesame seed every day.

(This has been translated from the Hindi version of the Holy Garg Samhita written by Shri Garg Muni. It is a shortened description as required for the narration of the varta).

(This has been translated from the Hindi version of the Holy Garg Samhita written by Shri Garg Muni. It is a shortened description as required for the narration of the varta).

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