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My Dearest Divine ShreeNathji - A Poem


पूर्ण भाव से बरसते हैं ये शब्द, मेरे श्रीजी बाबा के लिए; मेरे श्री कृष्ण, श्री राधा को बारमबार नतमस्तक प्रणाम। जिनकी दिव्य पुष्टि कृपा ने मुझे कुछ दिखा दिया,

Some words in love for my ShreeNathji – my Shree RadhaKrishn;

with whose blessings and grace;

in whose Bhao and Mahabhao I have realized my divine nature; my reality.

“YOU are the dawn of everyday to me, the Hope that sees me through,

The Light that guides the way for me, the Love that’s always true.

YOU are the Joy that fills the heart in me;

The BLISS that completes the dreams in me.

YOU are the reason for my tomorrows; YOU are the reason for today. YOU were the reason in all the yesterdays.

YOU are the reason for my life’s living

YOU are the reason for my soul’s shinning.

YOUR love, friendship, grace; Has revealed a new dimension.

I had never thought I’d attain such contentment.

I want to be possessed by YOU. I want to belong to YOU.

In my deepest thoughts I want to hold on to “YOU”.

In total surrender and bhakti;

in my mind, body, soul,

I offer my total to “YOU”.

Written by Abha Shahra Shyama; in love, for Prabhu ShreeNathji.

August 2014

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