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God as gatekeeper

When we use God as the gatekeeper..

This is a short conversation of a bhakt with his Bhagwan…a dream sequence

Human to ShreeNathj (God):

क्या कर रहे हैं आज कल प्रभु? (What service do You do now a days?)

ShreeNathji (God):

“जानना चाहती है, तो आ चल कुछ दिखता हूँ। देखो इन दरवाजों के बाहर बिठा दिया है, चौकीदारी करने के लिए”

(You wish to see then come with me and I will show you; See, I have been made to sit outside the door, to protect their premises.)


“अच्छा अच्छा, तो आपको बाहर बिठा दिया है, गेट कीपर बना दिया”?

(Ok, Ok; so You have been turned into a gate keeper and have been made to sit out?)

ShreeNathji (God):

“कोई बात नहीं, वे मुझसे प्रार्थना करते हैं, ‘हे भगवान हमारा ताला लगा है, आप कृपया ध्यान रखना’। अब तू ही बता, क्या मैं यहाँ बैठ कर चौकीदारी करूँ”

(But its okay, they pray to me, “God, my room is locked, please look after the safety’. Now tell me, should I sit here and be a gate keeper”?

God as gatekeeper photo


“ओ हो प्रभु, ये तो अच्छा नहीं है। और भी काम करवाते हैं क्या”?

ShreeNathji (God):

“हाँ, और देखो, मुझे पब्लिक दीवारों पर भी सजाते हैं, सफाई रखने के लिए; किंतु खुद देख लो की लोग तो मेरे ऊपर भी थूक देते हैं।अब तो ऐसा लगता है की मैं सफाई रखने के काम भी नहीं आ सकता”।

(And see, humans have painted me on public walls, so that people maintain cleanliness there; sadly it does not serve that purpose also as people spit on me also. What do I do now, I don’t seem to be useful for maintain cleanliness also”?

ShreeNathji painted on a stairway, to prevent people from spitting!

People spitting on God’s image also!

I felt sad, very sad indeed!!

All over roads we now see tiles painted with various Hindu Devi-Devtaa photos have been put up, all to prevent humans from spitting and urinating in the area. Basically to maintain hygiene.

(I had no heart to tell Prabhu that people also use His photo to prevent humans from urinating in the area). I bear witness to this horrific fact.

Wonder who started this trend?

What if our Bhagwan are actually were watching this happen in our world?

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