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Govind Kund

Govind kund is located near the Aniyor village on its south. This is a view of Girirajji and the kund from outer road parikrama marg.

Govind Kund is considered to be the lips of Giriraj Govardhan.

When Indr Dev did abhishek of Shree Krishn, the water that collected from that pujan collected here as Govind Kund.

ShreeNathji mandir is visible on Shri Govardhan from Govind Kund.

This again is a very serene place to spend some time in quiet @inner parikrama marg on Govardhan talheti.

There is this very old tree which become homes to many parrots all over the parikrama marg.

A very ancient Kadamb tree on the West side of Govind Kund is interesting and a beautiful backdrop to Govind Kund.

Shri Madavendra Puri’s sthal is just near to this interestingly shaped Kadamb tree.

Present day photos of Govind Kund

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