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Gulal Kund

Gulal Kund is located in a very quiet area at Gantholi village. You have to go through a bylane at Rudr Kund, and takes less then ten minutes in a car.

Shree Radha and Shree Krishn played holi here with all Their sakha and sakhi, hence the name Gulal Kund. During the Holi play the gopis tied togather the clothes of Shree Radha Rani and ShreeKrishn,

On one side of the Gulal Kund is a heap of Giriraj shilas around which Tulsi is planted and are worshipped.

The village women sit around singing some bhajans. They agreed to pose for a photo and made lots of jokes about becoming famous through the photos

Though not well developed, it is well maintained and clean

Shri Vallabh Acharya Baithakji is also located here.

Present day photos of Gulal Kund.

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