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How do we find the right Guru

How can we ever go looking for a Guru?

With our limited senses a normal human has no insight to recognise an enlightened person unless he wishes to expose himself.

As the universal laws go, all we as average humans can do is say a prarthna for guidance and blessings; and when our thirst, our yearning is strong and passionate, the universe will have to pick up our request. This request is then broadcasted in the universe as our Soul requirement and the right guru vibration picks us up. (Though it all sounds very simple, but may take years or lifetimes to reach the right mindset).

Whatever type of needs we have, that type of guidance or guru appears in our life.

The vibrations that we send out in Tamas, Rajas, or Sattvik is what brings us back the results.

From there on what we require is total faith and surrender, so that the soul can be touched, awakened and pushed in the right direction.

The right guru is able to find you, and you are able to surrender with total devotion.

Trust is most important and being egoless helps.

“Giving one’s key in hands of the right guru and through him to Parmatma"; is the only right way to move deeper in purity of bhao and bhakti, for being able to touch that extended hand of the Divine Shakti.

It is only through regular satsang, awareness, faith, shraddha, surrender and purity of heart, that a Sadguru might find the right moment of surrender in his disciple and turn the jeevatma in the right direction.

The divine Guru is one who is already in the Sat-Chit-Anand state, and living life from the innermost dot, which is the Truth..”

The moment fear or ego comes in the picture; much is taken away; basically when our lack of trust or understanding prevents us from surrendering to God, we lose ourselves in the confusions of various rituals and dogmas.

Jai Ho Prabhu!

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