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Log kya kahenge

What will people say, or think”.

“Log kya kahenge, Kya sochenge”..“

लोग क्या कहेंगे, लोग क्या सोचेंगे ..

We let these three words dictate our entire life and living; by ‘those’ who themselves have no idea what the right karm, or dharm should be in their own lives.

This particular photo is from a village in India

It shows a woman trying to look at me with one eye through her sari veil, as she has been conditioned to this way of life by the samaj (society) and tradition.

It symbolises turning a blind eye to what the truth and humanitarian right action may be; in any situation.

We all become like this lady in the photo, who according to the customs of her community can see the world only through her sari veil.

Similarly we let the world put a veil across our minds and thus dictate what we should do or become, taking us away from the truth of the uniqueness of each human born on earth.

Majority of us humans live blindly; simply because there is safety in following the masses, and it is so easy, as then there is no sense of responsibility on your head.

Due to this dictate we live an entire life covered in the veil of fear. (Of what will people think or say!)

No thought is ever given to what might be the truth behind this living.

Jai Shreeji!

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