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माँ ..My Mum

माँ ..Mother..Mum..Mummy

Relationship of mother and child might have been the most written about relationship.

This post is a direct note of gratitude to my mother and to my Prabhu. Gratitude to my Thakurjee, because it is His Kripa that she is my mother in this birth cycle. My mother, whom I call Maa is now nearing 78 years of age. My father just turned 83 years in May this year.

So why am I writing this today?

In life there are sudden realisations when a thought just hits you and makes you wonder how it escaped you all these years. It is her birthday today, and as her child I may have not been able to express my love and gratitude enough.

Well, this is what happened today early morning. My youngest child, studying in the United States, messaged me to ask the meaning of this profile picture I had on my Whats App.

The particular photo was of a card I had received from my children on Mothers Day this year. I clicked its picture and uploaded as my profile picture on my iPhone.

This is the picture:

"Home is where your Mom is".

These simple words seemed to convey my sentiments for my Mother too.

The realisation of how lucky I was to have my mum around, again hit me as I read the words. Just how true it is! Mothers are who we take for granted in our life, and these words made me aware of how much I  may have overlooked this most undemanding relationship of my life. She is there when you need her!


And maybe that’s why I always never thought in the way I am thinking today. I write this as a public note for you:

'MAA, माँ

At this moment I cannot imagine my life without your presence. You have always been there to listen to all I have to say, whether you agree to it or no, माँ , you have  heard me out whenever I needed to express myself, negatively or positively.

All those thoughts and experiences that I have been able to express to you माँ, thank you for hearing me out. You are one who will never judge or think less whatever I may do or say. This is the biggest security for me as your child. And though I am now 57 years old, with four children, three of them married, one in college, a lovely grand child, I will always remain a child to you.

It’s amusing and heartening that whenever I come home to meet you, you always continue to feed me as if I was yet a young kid.  

The freedom and right to just lift the phone and command you to leave everything else and hear me out, give me your time, whenever I need you to is so comforting'.

Being made to feel like a child has given me the carefree attitude of security, which otherwise never would be possible.

A mother’s blessing of love and “Just being there for you; whenever”, is incomparable to any other relationship. Just the thought that she is there and I can go to her at any point of time; it’s the most wonderful feeling.

This domination which we have over our mums is a divine gift from the creator. Mothers are programmed by Him to replace His physical presence in our world.

It’s always so easy to blame our mother for what may not have worked in the early years of our life.

'Please forgive me for all the times I kept blaming you for all that did not work in my life. You silently heard me always. Your patience is amazing माँ.

Today when I have the understanding to know that what happens in our lives is a part of our individual karmic journey, I feel uneasy about the moments when I put blames on you.

You are there to extend comfort and courage when the going gets tough.

Having gone through some very tough phases in your life, I always find a smile on your face and forgiveness for everyone.

You have taught by example, not words. The courage that you have been able to show in the most adverse situations, has to come from your faith and bhakti, through all the hours spent in doing your प्रार्थना for everyone around. You are a higher soul who will find mukti, and find your rightful place in the true sense with your प्रभु.

The simplicity with which you have sacrificed so much is exemplary.

Your non attachment to wealth and luxuries is an example for all of us as your kids to follow.'

माँ आपकी सादगी और भक्ति का हमारे जीवन पर कितना गहरा असर है, ये जीवन में बहुत समय बीतने पर समझ आया

आप और पापा के जीवन में इतना वैभव होने के बावजूद भी आप दोनों में सच्चे साधु लक्षण हैं।

हम सभी बच्चों की तरफ से हमारा सादर नमन स्वीकार करें

(Written in June 2014 for my Dearest Mum and Papa)

We love you

My eyes are wet, Im sure they are tears and few drops flow down my cheeks too.. But I am not able to describe or understand the emotions that flow with them. As I end this post, it is with a very strong mix of feelings and thoughts, which I actually am not able to comprehend, and so will not express them. Words lack the strength to express the meaning of a mother.

A few memories from earlier times:

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