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Making of a Tulsi Kanthi

The making of Tulsi Kanthi: At BanshiVat, Vrindavan.

Dear Dadi. She spends all her free time making tulsi malas. It is the purest, as you can see. She buys the Tulsi sticks, and cuts each ‘bead’ herself to make the kanthis.

I would urge all Vaishnavs to go buy some from her, as she is a very pure soul from a very pure place.

Every visit to this place, BanshiVat, is not complete without a hug and a photo with Dadi, who has spent her entire life looking after this place. BanshiVat is her ancestors’ property. She always has many divine anubhuties to share with us on every visit.

Jai Shreeji!

(This post is an old one written in 2015. As of now I am very sad to say that Dadi has passed away. May she have found her rightful place with the divine energies).

BanshiVat is the original Shree RadhaKrishn Maha Raas Leela sthali at Vrindavan opposite the Yamunaji.

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