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Manifestation of Golok by Shree Krishn Chander

Manifestation of Golok

Shree Narad Muni, “Mahamate, listen to the Golok pragatya varta. This is connected to Shree Hari’s earlier leelas.

Mahatma Krishn is the Supreme Bhagwan. He has no beginning. He is perfect and complete. He is beyond modes of material nature.He is above the realm of matter. Time has no existence in the transcendental abode.

Illusion has no power in this realm. Neither do the Maha Tattva, nor material modes of nature.

The material heart, mind, intelligence cannot enter here.

In His own abode, The Supreme Bhagwan whose Form is spiritual, decided to expand Himself.

In the beginning was the uttpati (birth) of giant Shesh Naag with gigantic white coils.

  • Mahalok Golok, which is worshipped by all worlds, appeared in the lap of Shesh Naag.

  • Ganga river which travels through three material worlds, appeared from the lotus feet of GolokNath Shree Krishn, who is the possessor of Infinite Brahamaands.

  • The greatest in rivers, Shri Yamunaji who wore a turban and many flower ornaments, flowed from the left shoulder of Shree Krishn.

  • From Bhagwan Shree Hari’s Ankles appeared divya raas mandal shinning with hem ratn (jewels), full of various shringar materials.

  • A Nikunj (forest groove) appeared from Mahatma ShreeKrishn’s legs; which was full of assembly halls, courtyards, pathways, mandaps. This Nikunj had the quality of Vasant ritu. Koyals, peacocks, bumble bees flew around fountains and sarovars. (lakes)

  • Shri Vrindavan’s divine sacred presence entered all the Vans, from Bhagwan’s knees.

  • Leela sarovar manifested from Parmatma’s thighs.

  • From Shree Hari’s hips appeared a golden land decorated with all types of jewels.

  • From the line of hair on His abdomen area appeared flowering madhvi latas. From the latas full of flowers and fruits flew in all types of birds, buzzing bumble bees.

  • From the nabhi kamal (naval) hundreds of golden lotus appeared in the sarovars (streams), which shone splendidly in these transcendental sarovars.

  • From Bhagwan’s three folds of the waist, manifested slow and gentle sameer (breeze).

  • Collar gave birth to Mathura and Dwarka cities.

  • From both the arms came His eight Gwal bals, headed by Shri Dama.

  • Shree Krishn’s wrists manifested all the Nand and

  • Hands manifested Upnand.

  • From the shoulder blades all Vrashbhanus appeared.

  • All Gopas appeared from the pores of Shree Bhagwan’s body.

  • Shree Krishn Chander’s mind manifested all the sacred cows and Bulls.

  • Shree Krishn’s intelligence gave birth to various grass, plants and shrubs.

  • From left shoulder shone a golden aura, from which manifested Leela, Shri Bhu devi, Virja and several more Hari’s beloveds. Shree Bhagwan’s beloved Shree Radha is also known as Leelavati or Leela.

  • From Shree Radha’s Arms appeared Vishakha and Lalita.

  • The several other Gopis manifested from the pores of Shree Radha.

This is how Madhusudan manifested Golok.

After completing the manifestation of His entire Lok, the master of infinite Brahmanads, paratpar, Parmatma, Parmeshwar, Paripurn Dev Shree Hari shone here with Shree Radha in full glory.

Jai ShreeNathji Prabhu

(This has been translated from the Hindi version of the Holy Garg Samhita written by Shri Garg Muni. It is a shortened description as required for the narration of the varta).

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