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Mansi Ganga

Mansi Ganga is considered to be the two eyes of Giriraj Govardhan.

There are three reasons for Mansi Ganga to have appeared at Govardhan.

Shree Krishn had to prove to Nand baba and the Vraj Vasis that all teerths are present in Vraj Dham. With His thoughts He directed Gangaji to flow here.

Because Ganga manifested from Shree Krishn Chanders thoughts, it is called Mansi Ganga. It appeared on Amavasya of Kartik month.

On the request of all Gopis, Shree Krishn took a bath here after killing Vatsur rakshash, as it was considered to be gau hatya.

Shri Yamunaji prayed to Shree Krishn for granting kripa on Her older sister Shri Ganga. So Thakurjee mentally called upon Gangaji to appear at Vraj and blessed her by doing Jal vihar with all gopis.

Mansi Ganga is circular and visible from all sides with several mandirs located all around.

Gangaji appeared from Shree Bhagwan’s Charan, and Mansi Ganga appeared from Shree Bhagwan’s mind. Shree Radha Krishn along with Their sakhis always do ‘Nauka-Vihar’ in Mansi Ganga. Shri Raghunath Swami had these adhbhut darshans.

Mansi Ganga is located in the centre of Govardhan town.

During parikrama it comes on the right side and on return from Punchri end it falls to the left.

Pujan is done with ghee diyas is done all around Mansi Ganga.

Shri Vallabh Acharya Baithakji is located on one end.

Giriraj Govardhan shilas are gathered here and worshipped by all bhakts doing the parikrama.

These darshans of the Govardhan Shilas are visible from within Mansi Ganga only on the few days when water in the Kund goes down.

Shri Nand Das is mukhy adhikari of dwar at Mansi Ganga.

Present day photos of Mansi Ganga.

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