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Me and Myself-A Poem

ME .. ONLY ME !!

Me and Myself

Is that all I am concerned about?

Worried only about my well being, And to hell with the rest of the world.

The anguish of pain, the cry of despair! I am deaf to these cries

Because for me, I don’t see beyond myself.

Why should I be bothered? At what ails him or her!

I want to be happy, I want to be free,

The rest of them can go look after themselves.

Some one needs my love, I don’t care’

The love lost soul crying for help, The destruction of nature, The pollution of environment;

Is not my responsibility.

I am me, I am myself, I shall continue with my life and myself

No time to be bothered with the concerns of the world.

There is so much out there I have to possess;

I need more money, I need more fame, I need more power

How can I waste time on what gives me none of this.

Life is so short, I have to fill my bank accounts.

I need more, I need more

Cannot waste time, On what does not give me my returns….

The photo used here is of a scare crow from a field which is lifeless and soul-less.

What do you think?

Does it not describe all of us to some extent in our greed for the material trappings in the world?

Have we all not become selfish and blind in our needs for more of everything?

Are we not cutting the branch of the tree on which we are sitting, in destroying the natural resources for our greed?

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