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Narad Kund

Narad Kund is located about 400 meters to the south east of Kusum Sarovar

As per Shree Krishn’s instructions Narad Muni stayed at this place and wrote the Narad bhakti sutra.

Narad muni had a strong desire to do seva fo Shree Radha Krishn, so with the blessings of Purnamasi Devi, he took a dip in Kusum Sarovar to attain Gopi form.

On seeing Narad muni in the form of Gopi, Shree Krishn Bhagwan advised him to stay at one place and write the bhakti Shastr. The curse of Daksh (so that Narad muni cannot stay at one place) would not apply in Vraj as it’s not the part of materialistic world.

Giriraj Govardhan shilas are worshipped here in the mandir.

Nearby is a newly constructed mandir of Shree Radha Krishn.

It is good place to sit in meditation or jap.

Present day photos of Narad Kund.

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