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Nav Nari Kunjara mandir at Vraj

Kunjera village is the place where nine gopis took the form of an Elephant for Shree Krishn.

This leela in a short description,

When Shree Krishn was leaving Vrindavan, the Gopis requested Him not to leave. Shree Krishn joked that if they could show Him an elephant immediately, he would not leave. Not being able to find an elephant, nine gopis came together and formed an elephant, which is called the Nav-Nari Kunjara.

The earlier Nav-Nari Kunjara mandir was looted and the original murti depicting this divine leela stolen. Just a couple of years ago this mandir was re established by a bhakt, and a painting representing this leela is being worshipped.

Kunjera village is located few kms from Shri Govardhan on the Northern side, towards Radha\Shyam Kund.

The village is not very clean and residents are quite poor.

These are present day photos.

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