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“Never to possess ..”

For my dearest Children..For all children..

A Reflection on my role as a mother, in fact of all mothers

"I am the link you chose to enter a new birth.

I am there to nurture, to love, to be a guide on this journey of life;

But never to Possess you.I will hold your finger till you find your wings;

I will be there if you find yourself falling,

To hold you, to support you, make you healthy once again.Not always my physical presence,

But you will feel the warmth of my arms around you when lonely, A warm kiss on your cheek when depressed, my finger wiping away that tear, when feeling let down by the world; My hand always on your head blessing you with faith and strength,

to never let the world manipulate you in compromising on Humanitarian values.You are a child of the Universe; here to fulfil your unique Karmic journey. I will not stagnate your growth as an independent individual. As your mother I have to give you freedom to go FIND YOUR “SELF".

With highest Love for my loveliest children;

In you four, I have experienced the deepest of selfless emotion, love and laughter that life can offer.

All my love and blessings, for today and for eternity

Shubh Ashish


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