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Peethikaji of ShreeNathji at Nathdwara

Behind ShreeNathji as He stands in His mandir, is the Peethikaji which has some carved symbols.

ShreeNathji Vigrah is in the shape of a rectangle from the outside and oval from the inside. His Urdhv (left) bhuja is held up in the mudra of lifting Govardhan parvat.

The Chinh (symbols) are as follows:

Above on ShreeNathji’s mastak (Head) is a Shuk (parrot).

On the left side are symbols of two Muni, Matsya (Fish), a Narsinh (lion), two Mayur (peacocks).

On the right is one Muni, a Mesh (goat), a Sarp (snake), two Gau (cows).

Around Shreeji’s neck is a snake instead of any flower garland.

Giri-Kandras (caves) are spread all over the Peethikaji.

Shri Hariraiji has explained the bhao behind these symbols.

Shri Hariraiji is the son of Shri Kalyanraiji, who is the eldest son of Shri Govindraiji, who is the second son of Goswami Vitthal Nathji (Shri Gusainji).

Jai Ho ShreeNathji Prabhu

Jai Shree Radha Krushn

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