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Radha Kund - Shyam Kund

Radha\Shyam Kunds are highly, spiritually charged Kunds, and represent the Eyes of Girirajji.

The divine Urjas and shaktis of Shree RadhaKrishn and ShreeNathji yet visit Their sacred Kunds, it is advisable to all who visit here, to keep the utmost pavitrata in Mind, Body and Soul; Divy alokik anubhuties are yet available.

Just as Shree Radha, Shree Krishn are one alokik soul who have taken two Forms; Radha\Shyam Kund are also one and similarly divided.

Radha\Shyam Kund are located next to each other, on the Southern side of Giriraj Govardhan in a village called Arita.

About 4800 years ago, Raja Vajranabh excavated both Radha\Shyam Kund and built Ghats on their banks, which were destroyed and rebuilt in the 16th century by Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Shyam Kund - Shree Krishn, after killing the ferocious asur Arishtasur who had taken a Bull form, had to bathe in all the sacred rivers; so struck His foot on the ground and all the rivers emerged and formed the Shyam Kund.

Seeing Shree Krishn’s Kund, Shree Radha and Her sakhis also decide to make a Kund for themselves by digging with bracelets and filling water from nearby Mansi Ganga.

deep within in the centre of Radha Kund is a walled area called ‘Kanak Kund’ which is the Kund actually created by Shree Radha with Her bangles.

All the sacred rivers requested ShreeRadharani to allow them to enter this new Kund. Thus Radha Kund appeared at midnight on Krishn paksh Ashtmi in Kartik month, called Bahulaashtmi.

The only teerth sthal where a ‘Ardh Ratri snan’ is taken; first dip is in Radha Kund, followed by a dip in Shyam Kund, then ‘doobki’ repeated in Radha Kund.

If one is not able to maintain the pavitrata of the ‘Doobki’ then doing ‘Acchman’ three times is a better.

A ‘Doobki’ or dip in Radha\Shyam Kund has to be considered a sacred act. One cannot enter the pavitr Kunds for enjoyment or fun. Discipline of purity has to be followed strictly

The right way to bathe at Radha\Shyam Kund is to complete a parikrama, wear new clothes and with silent prayers enter the Kunds respectfully.

Shree Radha and Shree Krishn meet at Radha\Shyam Kund in the afternoon; And Vrinda Devi helps in this diva milan.

ShreeRadha\Shyam Kund are protected on all four sides by Mahadevji.

Divine Giriraj Jivha mandir darshans are at Radha\Shyam Kund

A close up of the Giriraj Shila worshipped as the Jivha (tongue) of Shree Giriraj Govardhan @Radha\Shyam Kund

Girirajji shila worshipped in the centre walkway between both the Kunds.

Present day photos of Radha\Shyam Kund.

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