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ShreeNathji Appearance from Giriraj Govardhan in 1409 AD

The original Form of Shree RadhaKrishn as ShreeNathji Appeared initially as His Alokik Bhuja (Divine Left Arm), in 1409 AD,(SV 1466). Shravan Vad Tritiya, on a Sunday in the Shravan Nakshatra.

ShreeNathji Pragatya sthal on Shri Govardhan

ShreeNathji Pragatya sthal on Shri Govardhan

The left bhuja (arm) of ShreeNathji, when it appeared from Giriraj Govardhan had all the auspicious markings of Shree RadhaKrishn, including the auspicious Shree and Swastik. The original Shaktis (Powers) of Shree RadhaKrishn became visible to bless us once again after a gap of nearly 5236 years, from Giriraj Govardhan, in Their new merged Form; as Divine ShreeNathji.

A devotee desirous of closeness with Shree RadhaKrishn can do seva for ShreeNathji and get miraculous results.

ShreeNathji is the complete swarup (form) of Shree RadhaKrishn. All Swarups (forms) of Shree Radha, Shree Krishn, and both Their ‘Lalan swarup's” (baby forms) within HimSelf.

ShreeNathji is ‘Their’ LIVING DIVINE SHAKTI who inhabits our world even today.

ShreeNathji as Merged ShreeRadhaKrishn Swarup

ShreeNathji as Merged ShreeRadhaKrishn Swarup

(This matter has been translated from original ShreeNathji Pragatya Varta in Vraj Bhasha. Only the chapters relevant to the narration here have been taken)

|| Shree Govardhan dharo jayati ||

|| Shree GovardhanNathsyodv varta ||


|| ShreeNathji Pragatya varta ||

(ShreeNathji’s Appearance story)

Now, Shree GovardhanNathji’s various stories and leelas of Appearance will be narrated by Shri GokulNathji (Grandson of Shri Vallabh Acharyaji); for the upliftment of bhakts on this Earth.

Shree GovardhanNathji along with His several bhakts stays eternally in the kandra on Girirajji. Shri Acharyaji Mahaprabhu is always there eternally in seva for ShreeNathji.

Shri Acharyaji Mahaprabhu took birth on earth for the upliftment of divine souls with direct divine order from Bhagvan Shree Krishn.

In the same period Shree GovardhanNathji also Appeared from Girirajji at Vraj Mandal, with all samagri for His leela to be complete.

Proof and details of this leela is to be found in the Granth ‘Garg Samhita’

|| Urdhv Bhuja ko Pragatya ||

(Appearance of the left raised Arm)

A Vrajvasi went searching for his gau on the Giriraj, where he first had the darshans of this alokik bhuja. He was surprised, as never before such darshans were seen here. So he fetched few more Vrajvasis to show them this miracle. They all did darshans, and assumed that it is some Devta who has appeared from Shri Giriraj.

An old Vrajvasi suggested that this must be some swarup of Shree Krishn when He had lifted Shri Giriraj for seven days. Once the rain stopped, Girirajji was kept back on Earth. All Vrajvasin had done pujan for this bhuja then; undoubtedly this is the same Bhuja from that time. Devta Shree Krishn rests in the kandra (cave) below and has granted darshans of the same Urdhv Bhuja again.

It was concluded that they should not think of trying to dig and take out the divine Form; as whenever He wishes he will grant us full Darshans. Till then let us do pujan of the Urdhv Bhuja. (The details of this katha is found in the Dugdhpan Charitr)

As decided amongst themselves, the Vrajvasi did snan of the alokik bhuja with milk and offered akshat, chandan, pushp, tulsi. Bhog was offered of curd, fruits. It was Naag Panchmi when this darshan happened, so every Naag Panchmi few Vrajvasi would collect here and hold a mela. Whenever some desire was to be fulfilled, they would come and do dugdh snan; this granted fulfilment of all wishes of the Vrajvasi.

For nearly 69 years, till 1478 AD, the Vrajvasi’s did pujan of the divine Bhuja only. (SV 1535)

|| Mukharvind Pragatya ||

|| Appearance of Shreenathji Lotus face ||

It was on Vaishak Vad Giyaras in 1478 AD (SV 1535); in Satbhisha Nakshatr on a Thursday; during the Abhijit mahurat, 12.40-1.00 in the afternoon; when His Mukharvind Appeared and gave His divya darshan to the blessed people of the village; According to Shree Krishn’s desire, on the same day but in the Abhijit mahurat, 12.40-1.00 at night, Shri Vallabh Acharya also appeared at some distance in another village called Champaran in a ring of fire.

(Shri Vallabh acharya, was the divine guru of that period. During this period, at Giriraj Govardhan, all of the original Gwal bals who were there with Him earlier in His original Incarnation as Shree RadhaKrishn, also took birth around this land for the leela of Shree Krishn to be perfect. This includes His Asht Chaap Kavi too; details are later in the narration).

|| Dugdhpan Charitr ||

|| ShreeNathji drinking milk varta ||

At Anyor, Manekchand and Saddu Pande were two Vrajvasi who owned many cows. Amongst them one Gau called Dhumer was a direct descendent of the NandRaibaba’s; (Who was Shree Krishn’s father in the original incarnation) vansh cow herd.

The varta describes how she performed dugdh abhishek (worship through pouring of milk) on the Shree Mukh directly. This dugdhpaan continued for nearly six months. Every morning in Brahm Mahurat Dhumer would separate from the herd and climb Shri Giiriraj to offer milk on this alokik bhuja. Soon the Vrajvasi discovered that this cow gave less milk daily. So he along with Manakchand followed Dhumer(The holy cow) and were astonished to witness this scene.

They watched as Dhumer stood and let Her milk flow freely on some particular Shila on the Parvat. This divine leela astonished both of them. They were blessed and had darshans of the alokik bhuja (Divine arm) of Shree Krishn.

Dhumer flowing milk on ShreeNathji

Dhumer flowing milk on ShreeNathji

|| Saddu Pande prati sakshat agya ||

|| Direct command to Saddu Pande ||

This divya darshan made them very joyous. They had sakshat darshans of Shreeji. Shree GovardhanNathji gave direct Hukum, “I live on Shri Giiriraj. You can call me Dev Daman, Indr Daman, Naag Daman. For seven days I protected Vrajvasi from Indr, destroyed His ego”.

Shreeji also describes the other leelas from His earlier incarnations, where He has gained victory over many evils and destroyed the ego of many Devtaas.

“This is my cow from the Nand Vansh and I have been having Her milk daily. Henceforth send her milk to me daily every morning”.

Saddu Pande does sakshat dandvat and says, “Of course”.

Saddu Pande and Bhavai have darshans of Shree GovardhanNathji

Saddu Pande and Bhavai have darshans of Shree GovardhanNathji

|| Saddu Pande ghar aye vratant kahiyo ||

|| Saddu Pande reaches home and narrates this story ||

After this happening, Saddu Pande comes home and tells his wife Bhavai and daughter Naro about the adbhut happening .

“Henceforth every morning and evening both of you go and offer milk to Shree GovardhanNathji”. Since then, both would carry milk to the top of Shri Girirajji for Shree Krishn twice daily, who now had Appeared again after a gap of *5236 years. (Later He is named ShreeNathji, GovardhanNathji, Indr Damanji, by His bhakts).

|| Saddu Pande ke khirak mein ek gaai aave ki agya ||

|| Command for a cow to come to Saddu Pande’s gaushala ||

When Dhumar stopped milking, ShreeNathji arranged for another cow to come here. He told Saddu Pande, “I will have milk only from ShriNandrai’s cow. Tomorrow a cow will come to you who is also from my Nandvansh, henceforth till Dhumer gives milk again, send me milk from this cow”.

|| Saddu Pande ke khirak mein gaai karveki Dharamdas ko sakshat agya ||

|| Dharamdas receives command to put his cow in Saddu Pande’s gaushala ||

Dharamdas is a Vrajvasi who lived in Jamnavati village. He was a bhakt and the disciple of Chaturnaag. Kumbhandas was his nephew. One of his cow belonged to Shri Nandrai’s family. She separated from the herd, went to Shreeji Mukharwind and fed Him milk. After this she did not go back to join the herd, and sat near Shreeji. Dharamdas was worried and went to look for her with Kumbhandas, who was ten years of age. They went in search on Shri Girirajji, and found her sitting near ShreeNathji. But in spite of all efforts she did not go with them. Then ShreeNathji gave a direct hukum to him, “Arrey Dharamdas, give this cow to Saddu Pande, I will drink her milk.” And sakshat hukum to Kunbhandas, “Arrey Kumbhandas, you come and play with me everyday”.

These madhur words filled them with ecstasy and both fell unconscious. When they came out of this joyful state, both did a parikrama and saksaat dandvat to Shreeji. They followed this divine hukum as per Shreeji’s desire.

|| Gaudiya Madhavanand prati sakshat agya ||

|| Gaudiya Madhavanand is given a direct command ||

Gaudiya Madhavanand had come for a Giriraj parikrama. He stayed on a chabutra outside Saddu Pande’s house. Along with the Vrajvasi he too had darshans of ShreeNathji and was very happy. He developed a desire of offering cooked grains bhog to ShreeNathji. When he had made the bhog ready, ShreeNathji gave him a hukum, “I will have ann food (grains) only when Shri Acharyaji comes here and cooks for me. Till then I will only have milk. Since you have this desire of offering Me bhog and doing My Shringar, I will permit you. First go do a parikrama of the country. By then Shri Acharyaji will be here and he will establish My paat in a mandir. He will keep you in my sewa and then I will Play and do Leela with all the Vrajvasi.”

With this divine hukum, Madhavendra Puri, waited patiently for the right time. Till 1472 AD, ShreeNathji accepted milk and curds from the Vrajvasi, played with Kumbhandas and would go steal maakhan from some Vrajvasi.

|| Ek Bhavanpura ke Vrajvasi ke maanta ||

|| A Vrajvasi from Bhavanpurs does a votive (offering on fulfillment of a vow) ||

A Vrajvasi from Bhavanpura lost his cow, so he did a maanta to Shreeji., “The cow has been lost in the van where a lion also lives. If the cow comes back safe I will offer all her milk to Dev Daman”.

Shreeji, then extended His Bhuja , caught the cow with her ear and kept her safely with the other cows. Bhavanpura began offering all the milk to Shreeji. Once this Play is over Shreeji orders Kumbhandas, “ My arm is hurting from holding the cow by her ear and keeping in safety, can you please press and relieve me from the pain”.

Soon, to help in ShreeNathji leela, all the cows and Vrajvasi around Shri Giriraj,who took birth were from the time of Shree Krishn Avtaar.

ShreeNathji began His divine Play in many ways on Shri Giriraj.

|| ShreeNathji ke raksharth chaar vyuhan ko pragtya ||

|| Appearance of the four potencies of ShreeNathji ||

For the protection of Shri GovardhanNathji, the four potencies also appeared.

Shri Sankarshan Dev from Sankarshan Kund; Shri Devji from Govind Kund; Shri Daniraiji from Dan Ghati; Shri Hari Devji from Shri Kund.

These four Dev are Sankarshan, Vasudev, Pradhumn, Anirudhnatmak. They are always with Shree Krishn, ShreeNathji for His protection and are worshipped by bhakts from other lineages.

In the centre of these four potencies resides Shree Purushottam roop, ShreeNathji. For His sewa only Shri Acharyji appeared. Only Shree Purushottam can know Shree Purushottam swaroop.

Arjun says this in the tenth chapter of Shri Bhagwad Gita;

“Neither any god nor rakshash can know or understand You or Your manifestation; Only You can know Yourself through Yourself”.

|| Shri Acharyaji ko ShreeNathji Jharkand mein Shri Giriraj padhar seva pragat karveki agya kini ||

|| ShreeNathji orders Shri Acharyji at Jharkhand to come and establish His seva at Shri Giriraj ||

In the year 1492 AD, Falguni Sud 11, (SV 1549), ShreeNathji gives order to Shri Acharyji at Jharkand, “In the Form of Shri GovardhanNath, I have Appeared and Live in the kandra of Giriraj. The Vrajvasi have had my Darshans once, and they have the desire to do my darshans. But I wait for you to come here in my seva; all the Vrajvasi from my Shree Krishn Avtaar have to be taken in refuge and put in my sewa. Then I will do my Play with all of them. We will meet on Shri Haridas varya.

(Shree Krishn said that there were some souls left from His Original Aavtar of 5236 years ago. "They have to be searched and initiated into sewa". "I have come to take them as well as to grant peace and joy to all of mankind"). Around this period, ShreeNathji also gave Shri Vallabh the Mantra for initiating all His Divine souls with Brahm Sambandh, so that they could be accepted back in His Divine Leela and taken to Golok finally.

|| Shri Acharyaji ko Vraj padharno tatha Shri Vishram ghat pur yatrabandh door karni ||

|| Shri Acharyaji reaches Vraj and removes a spell at Shri Vishram ghat ||

Shri Vallabh Acharya on his way to Shri Giiriraj cleared the yantra bandha, (a negative spell)which had been put by a muslim ruler at Vishram ghat.

From Mathura, he reached Shri Giriraj and stopped at Saddu Pande’s house. He stayed on the chabutra outside his house. The Vrajvasi came for his darshans.

|| Shri Acharyaji Mahaprabhuko Shri Giriraj padharno aur ShreeNathji vahan pragat bhaye hai so khojno ||

|| Shri Acharyaji reaches Shri Giriraj and searches for ShreeNathji ||

They then hear Shree GovardhanNathji’s voice from the Giriraj, “Aree Naro, get my milk”. Naro replied, “Today we have some guests”. Shreeji replies, “It’s very good that guests are there, but get Me My milk”. “Okay, You want it now only? I will bring it”, and she filled the milk in a cup and took it for Shreeji.

Shri Mahaprabhuji asks Damla, “Did you hear the words”? Damla said he did hear, but did not understand what was being said. Then Shri Acharyaji said that it is the same voice that had commanded him to come here. ShreeNathji has Appeared here on this Parvat. We will climb up in the morning.

Soon Naro came back after offering ShreeNathji milk, with the empty katora. Shri Vallabh Acharya asks her if there is any milk remaining in the cup as he wished to have it. Naro replied that there is some, but there is a lot of milk in their house which he can have from. But Shri Vallabh wishes to have the leftover milk from ShreeNathji Katora as Prasad.

As desired by Saddu Pande, Shri Vallabh Acharya gave him the initiation with mantra, and accepted sewa from him. Later at night, Saddu Pande, Manikchand, and some Vrajvasi sat around Shri Vallabh Acharya. Shri Mahaprabhuji inquired from Saddu Pande, to narrate how Shree Dev Daman Appeared, on Shri Girirajji please tell me the varta.

Then Saddu Pande narrates the entire katha, which filled Shri Mahaprabhuji’s heart with great bhao.

|| Shri Acharyaji ko Shri Giriraj pe padharno aur ShreeNathji su milvo aur pragat karvo ||

|| Shri Acharyaji goes on Shri Giriraj and meets and establishes ShreeNathji ||

Early next day, Shri Maha Prabhuji and the Vrajvasis joyfully climbed Giriraj Govardhan to do darshans of ShreeNathji. ShreeNathji too came out happily to meet Shri Mahaprabhuji.

ShreeNathji comes out of His kandra and bhents (greets) Shri Vallabh

ShreeNathji comes out of His kandra and bhents (greets) Shri Vallabh

|| ShreeNathjiki agya anusar ShriAcharyaji paat bithayke tatha sevako prakar baandh ke prithvi parikrama ku padhare ||

|| As per ShreeNathji’s order, Shri Acharyaji establishes Paat seva and leaves for circumambulation ||

ShreeNathji gave him hukum to do His Paat sthapan, and start seva. In Pushti maarg, seva is very important. As per Shreeji’s desire, Shri Vallabh Acharya constructed a small mandir, kept the Paat and started seva.

At Apsara Kund lived a bhakt Ramdas, who heard about Shri Acharyas visit. He came for darshans. Shri Maha Prabhuji directed him to start seva for ShreeNathji. Ramdas was doubtful as he had never done seva before. Shri Maha Prabhuji told him not to worry, as ShreeNathji Himself will teach him how to do the seva.

Shri Vallabhacharya named this Form of Shree Krishn as Gopal, which means the lover and protector of cows.

Shri Vallabh Acharya made a mukut of Mor Chandrika, and showed Ramdas how to do the seva. He is told to go to Govind Kund every morning, take snan and fill water for seva. After this he should bathe Shreeji, and do seva with Vastra and the other Shringar as Shri Maha Prabhuji does. Shreeji likes to wear Gunja Chandrika. With His blessings, whatever offering comes, use that for the purchase of Bhog samagri of Shree Thakurjee. You also manage your livelihood from this.

Later Shri Vallabh tells Saddu Pande and the other Vrajvasis, “Govardhan Nathji is my sarvasva (all), always be ready to all seva required at all times, do everything that makes Gopala happy”. Then Vallabh leaves for his prithvi yatra.

From this day onwards ShreeNathji began accepting grains and other bhog samagri; prior to Shri Vallabh’s visit He only had milk. ShreeNathji also began His leela’ Khel of direct interactions with the Vrajvasis; He would snatch and eat their food in divine interactions.

|| Purnanmall Kshatriko mandir banvayveki svapnmein agya ||

|| Purnamall is commanded in a dream to come and build a mandir ||

In 1499 AD, (SV 1556) ShreeNathji gives hukum in a dream to Purnamal Kshatri. “Come to Vraj Mandal and build a large mandir for me”. So Purnamall sold all his property and came to Shri Govardhan at Vraj.

|| Purnamall Kshatri ko Vraj aavno ||

|| Purnamall Kshatri comes to Vraj ||

He asked the Vrajvasi the whereabouts of Shree Dev Daman Thakur. Purnamall is very happy to do the darshans of Shree GovardhanNathji, after which he meets Shri Vallabh Acharya, does sakshtang dandvat and narrates the dream. “Maharaj, it is Shree GovardhanNathji’s desire to build a large mandir on Girirajji; He gave me agya (command)in my dream, so I have sold everything that I possessed and come here with all my wealth to build the mandir as per Shreeji’s hukum”.

Shri Maha Prabhuji grants permission for building. Purnamall then requests Shri Giiriraj that there will be a lot of disturbance in building the mandir, I need your permission. Giriraj Govardhan says, “As ShreeNathji will live in my heart, all the digging work etc will not cause any parishram to me, please go ahead and happily start the work”.

|| Hiramani usta ku mandir banayve ayveki svapn mein agya ||

|| Hiramani is ordered in dream to come construct the mandir ||

The architect Hiramani lived in Agra. As per hukum in his dream, he came to Vraj and met Shri Vallabh Acharya; “ShreeNathji has given me hkum in my dream to come at Girirajji and build the mandir. If you give permission work on the foundation can start immediately. Shri Vallabh Acharya gave him the permission and instructed him to first draw the plan on paper. So Hiramani first draws the plan of a mandir without a shikhar. But as soon as he finishes drawing the plan it would change to a drawing of a mandir with a shikhar. This happened three times, so Shri Maha Prabhuji understood that it was Shreeji’s desire to stay in a mandir with a shikhar.

He tells Damodardas, “Since ShreeNathji wishes to stay in a mandir with a shikhar, it means He will stay in Shri Govardhan for many years. Then there will be attack by the Mughals, after which Shreeji will move to some other part of the country. He will stay there also for several years, after which He will move back to Vraj.

In that period, His mandir will be built on the Punchri side.

Shri Giriraj has three Shikhars, Adi Shikhar, Brahm Shikhar, Dev Shikhar.

In His first avtaar as Shree Krishn, He did leela on the Adi Shikhar.

Now in the present the second Leela is happening on the Dev Shikhar,

The end of Leela will happen on the Brahm Shikhar.

Adi Shikhar and Dev Shikhar are gupt in the earth; only Brahm Shikhar gives direct darshans.

You are Shri GovardhanNathji, so You always do Leela on Shri Giiriraj Govardhan”.

|| Shreeji ke navin mandir ko arambh ||

|| Construction of Shreeji’s new mandir begins ||

The mandir foundation was laid in the year 1499 AD, (VS 1556) Vaishak Sud 3, in Rohini Nakshatr. All of Purnamall’s wealth was nearly exhausted. With some left over mudras he went south again to work and earn money. He bought some precious stones which when sold fetched the money so

that mandir work could be completed. All this took 20 years to complete.

Till then Shreeji stayed in the small mandir.

The small temporary mandir on Girirajji

The small temporary mandir on Girirajji

These 20 years, Ramdas Chauvan Rajput did the seva. Thus from 1488 AD till 1519 AD (VS 1585-VS 1576), Shreeji did His Leela from this small mandir.

Shreeji refused to accept this seva from any other bhakt and waited for 20 years, till Purnamall could complete the mandir!

|| Shreejiko navin mandir mein Paat Utsav ||

|| Shreeji’s New mandir Paat Utsav ||

Once this new mandir was ready, Shri Maha Prabhuji reached Vraj after completing parikrama of the country. ShreeNathji was established in His new mandir in 1519 AD (SV 1576); Vaishak Sud Teej; on Akha Teej. This day is also called the Paat Utsav of ShreeNathji.

ShreeNathji Mandir on Giriraj Govardhan today

Purnamall felt very happy to have darshans of ShreeNathji in the new mandir. Shri Maha Prabhuji wanted to grant him some desire fulfilment. Purnamall desired to apply Argaja attar with his hands on GovardhanNathji. Having being granted permission, he bought the best of Attar and joyfully applied on Shree Thakurjee. With a lot of bhao and love, he did this seva. Shri Vallabh Acharya did the Shringar with Vastra and Abhushan for ShreeNathji that day.

Joyfully Purnamall did very good seva for Shri Vallabh Acharyaji also, which pleases him and he gifts Purnamall, his used uparna; Purnamall does sakshat dandvat, and with Mahaprabhuji’s permission returns back to his village, Ambalaya.

|| Shreejiki sevako prarambh ||

|| Shreeji’s seva is established ||

Shri Acharya called on Saddu Pande and tells him to start seva in ShreeNathji mandir which is now ready. “It is very big and so will require many more sevaks. You are a Brahmin and our shashtras require that a brahmin do seva”.

Saddu Pande replied, that they were simple Vrajvasi and had no idea about the appropriate ways of doing seva. He suggested that at Shri Kund there are the sewaks of a Brahmin Vaishnav, who is in Shri Krishn Chaitnya sewa. So Shri Vallabh Acharya agreed and kept some Bengali Brahmins for sewa. He initiated them in the right ways of seva. Madhavendra Puri was appointed the mukhiya. Krishndasji became the adhikari, Kumbhandas became the kirtankar. Shri Maha Prabhuji laid the rules for the type and amount of daily samagri.

|| ShreeNathji ke liye Shri Acharya apne suvarnke veete bachvaye aur ek gai mangvaye ||

|| Shri Acharyaji sells his gold ring to buy a cow for ShreeNathji ||

The katha continues, as one time Shree GovardhanNathji wanted a cow from Shri Vallabh Acharya. He sold his gold ring to fulfill Shreeji’s desire as he only had this gold ring to buy the cow from, and Shreeji refused to accept from anyone else. Shri Acharya called Saddu Pande and told him of ShreeNathji’s desire. Saddu Pande requested that there are several cows that can be offered in ShreeNathji sewa, why does he sell his ring? but Shri Vallabh refused and insisted that ShreeNathji will accept only this. And so the cow was bought which made ShreeNathji very happy.

When the Vrajvasi heard that Shree GovardhanNathji love cows, all came and offered cows as bhent. Shri Vallabh Acharya named Shreeji as Gopal. Thus continued many divine leelas of ShreeNathji with his bhakts at Vraj.

|| ShreeNathji Bengalinki sevaso aprasan bhaye aur tinku nikasve ki agya kiye ||

|| ShreeNathji is displeased with the Bengali seva and orders them to be replaced ||

Madhavendrapuri, daily did Shreeji’s Shringar according to the niyam set by Shri Vallabh Acharya. Though Shreeji did not like the sewa, he did not show His displeasure, as this seva had been started by Shri Maha Prabhuji. This continued for 14 years.

One day the sevaks kept a Devi Idol called Vrinda Devi, with Shreeji in the mandir. Shree GovardhanNathji disliked this, so He gave hukum to Avdhutdas to tell Krishndas that the Bengalis are stealing my dravya, so remove them from my seva.

In these years, when Shreeji resided here the people of Vraj were very lucky. ShreeNathji who was worshipped there, lived in a very Live Form and interacted with His bhakts (devotees) in various leelas and plays.

Shreeji, being the mischievous little child would play with Naro. Once He changed His Swarup and went to Naro’s house, “Can you give me some milk, I am hungry”. “You will have to pay if you want milk”, said Naro, not recognizing Shreeji in this Swarup. “I do not have money, but if you wait I will pay you in a different way”, so saying Shreeji ran back to His Mandir and came back with His Gold Katora (cup) used for His Bhog (offering) in the Mandir. Giving it to Naro, He happily drank some milk and ran away.

Later when Naro’s father came home he was surprised to see the gold katora (cup). Naro explained how a young child came in the morning and having no money to pay for the milk gave this as payment.

Her father was astonished and ecstatic. “You are so lucky; Shreeji came and changed His Swarup to give you this Divya Anubhuti” (divine experience). He went up to the mandir and returned Shreeji’s Katora, explaining the entire play to all present there.

Such Divine interactions and plays with His 84 and 252 divine souls are in called 84 Vaishnavas and 252 Vaishnavas ki vaarta.

Shreeji showed people that Thakurjee is very close and very attainable. Such divine leela which is a very intimate part of ShreeNathji Pragatya, is not recorded in any other religious literature.

All these encounters have been recorded and written by Shri Gokulnathji; in the Shreeji Varta books called “Do Sau Bavan Vaishnav ki Varta”; “Chaurasi Vaishnav Ki Varta”.

These kathas tell us about the identity of the bhaktas in the original, eternal Shree RadhaKrishn leela. Then the varta tells us about their worldly birth in the same time period as ShreeNathji and His human counterparts, Shri Vallabh Acharya and Shri Gusainji.

Shri Vallabh Acharyaji toured entire India three times and established 84 Baithaks; these are the places where he did the Bhagvat katha for the benefit of people and established Shree Krishn sewa in the mandir. Similarly there are 24 Baithaks of Shri Gusainji.

It explains how these two divine gurus searched for the divine souls, initiated them in Shreeji’s seva, and how they finally merged totally with Shree RadhaKrishn-ShreeNathji again, in Their eternal abode.These personal kathas show us how these divine atma attained divinity again . Shri Vallabhacharya and Shri Gusainji established the seva in their hearts of any Form of Shree Krishn; and as the bhakts became absorbed in Shreeji’s Form they were given awakening by their divine guru.

Brahmsambandh mantra given to Shri Maha Prabhuji

This initiation mantra had been given to Shri Vallabhacharya by Shree Krishn Himself as He Appeared and explained what needed to be done.

While in Gokul, Shri Vallabhacharya was in deep thought as how to initiate the people in the path of devotion. As he worried about this, around midnight, Bhagwan ShreeKrishn Himself appeared before him in the Form of ShreeNathji. He explained to Shri Vallabhacharya how to initiate people in the ways of total surrender and sewa, through Brahma Sambandh.

Shree Krishn promised Shri Vallabhacharya He would accept the seva of all the bhakts who were initiated with the Brahma Sambandh. Shree Krishn gave him the Gadya Mantra*, as an explanation to the five syllable mantra which solved Shri Vallabhacharya’s concern.

Shri Mahaprabhuji then garlanded Shree Krishn with Pavitra (cotton thread garland) and offered him misri (crystals of sugar). After this divine meeting ShreeNathji disappeared.

Shri Mahaprabhuji composed Shri Madhurashtakam praising the Form and beauty of Shree Krishn, the way He appeared before him. This was in 1492 AD, Shravan Shukla Giyaras. This occasion is celebrated as Pavitra Ekadashi. It is also known as the day of the birth of Pushti Marg.

ShreeNathji gives the BrahmSambandh mantra to Shri Vallabhachary

|| Shri Acharyaji Mahaprabhunko svadham padharno ||

|| Shri Acharya Mahaprabhuji returns to his eternal Dham ||

In 1531 AD, (SV 1587) Ashad Sud 3 in the afternoon, Shri Maha Prabhuji walked into Gangaji on Hanuman Ghat at Shri Kashi, did padmasan and left for Golok Dham.

His eldest son, Shri Goipinathji became the head, and served Shreeji for three years. Prior to this the Bengali Brahmins were in Shreeji sewa.

|| Shri Puruhottamji svadham padhare ||

|| Shri Purushottamji returns to the eternal Dham ||

Shri Gopinathji’s son, Shri Purushottamji, went up to Shri Giiriraj kandra, where ShreeNathji caught hold of him and took him bodily in His leela.

|| Shri Gopinath svadham padhare ||

|| Shri Gopinath returns to the eternal Dham ||

With the passing away of his son,Shri Gopinathji became very sad. He went to Shree Jagannathji, merged within the swarup of Shree Baldevji, his original swaroop.

|| Shri Gusainjiko gadi birajno aur Bengalinko kaadh duje seva mein rakhno ||

|| Shri Gusainji sits on the seat, replaces Bengalin seva with others ||

Shri Gusainji was born in the year 1516 AD at Charnat. After the merging of his brother Shri Gopinathji in Shree Jagan Nath Dev, he took over as the Mukhiya. Understanding Shreeji’s desire, he kept Gujjar Brahmin and removed the Bengalis from seva at the mandir. Ramdas was made the Mukhiya.

|| Shreeji ki agyanusar Madhavendra Puri malyagar chandan layveko dakshin chale ||

|| As per Shreeji’s command Madhavendra Puri leaves for the south to get malyagar chandan ||

ShreeNathji would feel very hot and liked applying Chandan, so ordered Shri Madhavendra Puri to fetch Malyagar Chandan from the south.

|| Pende mein Madhavendra Puri ku Shri Gopinathji ke darshan bhaye ||

|| Madhavendra Puri has Shri Gopinathji’s darshans at Pende ||

|| Madhavendra Puri aur Tailang deshko raja chanda ke bhara leke ShreeNathji ko samarpive chale ||

Madhavendra Puri met the raja in south who was his shishya. The king told him that he had two Malyagar chandan mutha. The process to make it is to heat the chandan in sava man oil and let the oil cool down. Take this and take me also for ShreeNathji darshan. So both guru and shishya carried this chandan on their heads and left for darshans.

|| Madhavendra Puri ku ShreeNathji ke sakshat darshan bhaye aur ShreeHimGopalji Ke sada seva karbeko parlok bhaye ||

Soon they reached Tirupati, did snan in the Pushkarni river, meditated on ShreeNathji. ShreeNathji gave darshans in the upvan itself. Madhavendra Puri then applied chandan on ShreeNathji and offered bhog of fresh nariyal giri and bananas.

ShreeNathji further told him, “Vraj is very close to Himachal; so it will not be possible to use chandan for the entire year. Chandan is shringar for the summer months only. Your desire is to do chandan seva for all twelve months. In south it is always hot.

On the Malyachal Parvat my baithak is there. Go there and offer Me chandan sewa for the entire year.

Take your shishya also with you; both guru shishya can do daily chandan seva for Me. My swaroop there is known as ‘Himgopal’. I wear Chandan shringar always here, there is chandan van all around; Indrdev comes daily for darshans here; so both go there.

Baithakji at Malyachal Parvat

Baithakji at Malyachal Parvat

In Vraj Shri Gusainji does My seva daily; he uses vastra, abhushan, shringar, fragrance and samagri according to the various ritus; he is very devoted to Me”;

So saying, ShreeNathji disappears and returns back to His Girirajji at Varj.

Madhavendra Puri did as per ShreeNathji hukum. He completed his seva at Shri Him Gopalji and left for parlok from there.

Shri Gusainji heard this news six months later and was very sad that Madhavendra could not reach Girirajji. ShreeNathji explained that all that happened was as per His wish and narrated the story to him. This made Shri Gusainji calm and happy.

|| Madhavendra Puri ko jeevan charitra ||

|| Madhavendra Puri Life sketch ||

Madhavendra Puri was a Brahmin from Tailang. Madhva Sampradya’s Acharya was the disciple of Krishn Chaitnaya. He was directed to go to Gaud Pradesh and spread bhakti. Madhavendra Puri was a sanyasi and lived in Kashi. He helped Shri Mahaprabhuji’s father Shri Laxman Bhattji to complete the Yagya.

Shri Vallabh Acharya then studied all the Ved, Shashtra, in four months. Shri Vallabh Acharya asked him to ask for guru dakshina. At that moment, Madhavendra puri had darshans of Par Brahm in Shri Vallabh Acharya. So he requested Shri Vallabh Acharya, that when you establish ShreeNathji in the mandir on Shri Giriraj, please keep me in His seva.

Shri Maha Prabhuji agreed, and asked him to come to Vraj when he establishes Paat for Shree GovardhanNathji. Till the time that Shreeji wishes, you will do seva there.

Fourteen years later, because of Shri Vallabh’s vardaan, ShreeNathji accepted seva from Madhavendra Puri, his relations and the Bengalis; but did not give him the adhikar for Maharas seva. ShreeNathji told Madhavendra Puri that his uddhar (Freedom from birth cycle) will happen, but His seva at Girirajji will be done by Shri Gusainji only.

|| Asht Sakha varnan ||

|| Asht sakha details ||

When Shree GovardhanNathji, lived on Shri Giriraj, Shri Gusainji did His seva.

When Shree GovardhanNathji Appeared on Shri Giriraj, His ‘Asht Sakha’ also took birth on this earth. They sang and described all the leelas as they happened in their interaction with ShreeNathji.

The names of the Aasht chaap kavi as the original Shree Krishn’s friends in the earlier incarnation *5236 years ago are as follows;

Krishna, Arjun, Tok, Vishala, Rishab, Subal, Shri Damala, Bhoj Swami.

These are the same gwal friends who took birth later in Shreeji leela at Giriraj Govardhan, and were known as the Aasht chaap kavi.

Surdas was Krishn, Parmanand das was Tok, Krishndas was Rishab, Cheetswami was Subal, Kumbhan das was Arjun,, Chatrabhujdas was Vishala, Vishnudas was Bhojswami, Govind was Shri Damala.

(In the Pragtya Varta from which I have translated and presented this writings, there are several kathas of ShreeNathji’s leela with the Vrajvasi. I will go through only some important ones which are required for this narration.)

After Shri Vallabhacharya left for Golok, his son Shri Gusainji did seva for Shreeji.

Shri Gusainji was a Divine Guru who looked after Shreeji very lovingly.

Shri Gusainji Vitthalnathji does seva for ShreeNathji

He was born in 1516 AD, at Charnat, a village near Varanasi. He was a master in Astrology and medicines. He also filled ShreeNathji seva with music, dance, Shringar, various bhog, and the innumerable celebration of the Utsavs.

He began the custom of Haveli sangeet as it is today. All the Asht Sakha Kavi were formed in a formal group and introduced in Shreeji’s seva directly. Many Sanskrit rachnas composed by him are sung at the Haveli even today.

Asht Chaap Kavi sing in ShreeNathji seva

Shri Gusainji also started the pratha of the Raas Mandlis; who enacted Shree Krishn Leela. He was very close to Emperor Akbar. Tansen, Birbal, Raja Todarmal, Baz Bahadur, interacted with him freely.

By 1557, Shri Gusainji moved from Adel, and come to Mahavan, close to Shreeji’s mandir on Giriraj Govardhan, so he could live close to his Shreeji.

He travelled extensively all over the country and made many disciples. The 252 Vaishnavs are some of them, which included kings, ministers, rich, poor, muslims, sadhus, robbers. He uplifted his disciples by his mere presence.

Shri Gusainji fulfilled the wishes of his disciples and also of ShreeNathji Himself.

A varta describes that once when Shri Gusainji thought of taking sanyas, Shree Navnit Priyaji (Bal Swarup of Krishn), knowing of his intentions, informed him that He was also taking sanyas and coloured all His Vastra in the sanyasi gerua colour of orange. Shri Gusainji had to drop the idea of sanyas.

During the period of Shri Gusainji’s seva Shreeji interacted with all His Bhakts personally giving them every divine bliss here on this earth. He behaved as a small child and had a habit of asking for whatever He wanted from His bhakt. He loved to play games with His Gwals and many times demanded and ate food from His bhakts.

Shri Gusainji had to virtually look after Shreeji as a small child. He took care of all His needs. During this divine period, ShreeNathji Thakurjee filled the life of His bhakts with Joy and Bliss. He appeared as a very natkhat, innocent child and filled the hearts and souls with the sweetness of His Leela and Plays. This blissful lila was there only for some lucky divine souls.

These divine souls were searched for and then initiated into ShreeKrishn seva.

Both, Shri Vallabhacharya and Shri Gusainji collected these divine souls and connected them with Shreeji. Both were like His human counterparts come to do some specific works for Shreeji. They acted as the intermediate between Thakurjee and the Jeev atma, and were known as the Divine Guru.

Wherever Shreeji played, His Asht Sakha, sang for Him, while Lalita and Shyam played the Mridung and the Been. Shreeji, by now had nearly 24 villages as bhent, and the Vrajvasi who lived here would come to offer their newborn calves to Shree Dev Daman.

Shri Gusainji built Khirak for all of the cows near Gulal kund and kept four gwals in seva. Kumbhanda’s son Krishndas, Gopinath das, Gopal gwal, Ganga gwal. In the day when ShreeNathji went for Gau charan, the gualbal mandli accompanied Him.

|| ShreeNathji Shyam Dhak par Chaak arogge ||

|| ShreeNathji enjoys Bhog at Shyam Dhak ||

And one day, Shreeji gave hukum to Gopaldas, “At Apsara Kund, go tell Shri Gusainji that I will have Dahi Bhaat; I am waiting here at Shyam Dhak. Tell him that I am very hungry and waiting for the Dahi Bhaat”.

As soon as Shri Gusainji hears Shreeji’s message, he packs the Chaak from the Upras and hurries to Shyam Dhak.Shreeji enjoys this bhoj with Baldevji and all His sakha mandli. Experiencing this divine leela, Shri Gusainji returns back to his house.

|| Shreeji, Shri Gusainji ke ghar Mathura padhare. Shri Gusainji sarvasv arpan kiye, Shreeji tahan Hori khel peeche Giriraj padhare ||

|| Shreeji arrives at Shri Gusainji’s home at Mathura. He plays Holi here and returns to Giriraj ||

When Shri Gusainji left for Gujrat, ShreeNathji goes to visit Shri Gusainji home at Mathura. He gives hukum to Shri Giridharji, “I wish to go visit your home at Mathura”.

So a Rath is made ready and Shree Govardhan Nathji climbs on Shri Giridharji shoulders at the Dandauti Shila to sit in the Rath. He reaches Shri Gusainji home and then on 1577 AD, Falgun Vad 7, Thursday,does sthapan of Shreeji Paat in the house.

All family members, except for the sari that they wore did Sarvasv samarpan of all ornaments and wealth to Shreeji.

Only Kamla betiji hid a Nath and offered all else. Shreeji who understood, casually mentions that I have everything except the Nath from Kamla Betiji, which then he accepts.

ShreeNathji wishes to play Holi, so gives hukum to all the bahu and beti to play Holi with Him. All experience unimaginable bliss with ShreeNathji.

|| Shreeji ko Giriraj padharvo, tatha Shri Gusainji su milvo ||

|| Shreeji’s return to Giriraj and meet Shri Gusainji ||

Then Shreeji realises that Shri Gusainji will reach Shri Govardhan soon. He gives hukum to Shri Giridharji, “Shri Gusainji will be upset when he does not have my darshans at Giriraj Govardhan. You have to take me back today itself”. Shreeji sits in His Rath, with the hukum to take the Rath as fast as possible. “I will do Raj bhog and Shayan bhog together at Shri Giriraj”.

As they reach the Dandauti Shila, Shreeji immediately jumps from His Rath on to Shri Giridharji’s shoulders, returned to His Nij mandir, jumped from the shoulders and sat on His Charan Chowki. This leela is very alokik in nature.

When Shri Gusainji returned the next morning, he heard this leela and was very astonished. He touches Shreeji’s cheek and asks Him, “Baba, what was the reason for You to visit Shri Mathura”? Shreeji replies, “It gave Me a lot of anand to meet all the bahu and beti of your family.”.

|| Shreeji Rup Manjhari ke sangh chopad khele ||

|| Shreeji plays chopad with Rup Manjhari ||

Rup Manjhari is a Gwals daughter with who Shreeji goes to play Chopad for chaar prahar. She also played the been very well which Shreeji enjoyed listening. Rup was friendly with Nand dasji, and she was a sanskaric soul.

Later when Shreeji returns to His Nij mandir, His eyes are red. Shri Gusainji asks Shreeji, “Baba where were You awake last night?’

When Shreeji explains how He spent the night playing chopad with Rup Manjhari. Shri Gusainji is worried and explains to Shreeji not to take so much shram for some laukik person. Play here without any shram with Vraj bhakts only. and since then the game chaupad was introduced in Shreeji seva at His mandir.

|| Shri Gusainji ka Mewad ke rasta hoi ke Dwarka padharno aur Shihad namak sthal ke padhrave ki bhavishyavani agya kari aur Ranaji adi ko sevak karne ||

|| Shri Gusainji passes a place called Sinhad on his way to Dwarka, and does a forecast that Shreeji will come stay here in future ||

Once when Shri Gusainji was on his way to Dwarka, he saw a lovely spot in Mewar, Rajasthan called Sinhad. Shri Gusainji stayed there for two days. He mentioned this to Baba Harivamshaji, “In future ShreeNathji will come reside here. As long as I am alive Shreeji will not leave Giriraj Govardhan.

This shows how all was planned by Shreeji Himself; when He would leave Vraj and move to Mewar.

The outer circumstances are there only as an excuse for His leela to be complete.

King Uday Singh came for his darshans with gifts of gold and land. In return as blessings, Shri Gusainji gave him some pure vastra and samadhan, which had been worn by Shreeji Himself.

Later his queen came who was Princess Mira Bai’s daughter.

This Rani’s daughter-in-law was Ajaba Kunwari. She also came and took diksha in the form of Brahm sambandh from Shri Gusainji himself. She had darshans of his real swarup.

When he had to move on to Dwarka Ajaba was very upset. Shri Gusainji then explained to her, “Though I can not stay here, Shreeji Himself would come here and give you Darshans daily.”

|| Shreeji ko nitya Mewad padhravo aur Ajab Kunvari sau chopad khelvo tatha Mevad padharve ko niyam karvo ||

|| Shreeji comes daily to Mewar and fulfils the commitment to play chopad with Ajab Kunwari ||

After this promise Shreeji came daily from Shri Govardhan to Mewar to meet His dear bhakt and friend, Ajaba. After playing Chopad (a ludo like board game) with her He would return to Giriraj Govardhan. Realising how troublesome it must be for Thakurjee to travel back and forth, Ajaba made a request to Shreeji, “It is tiring for You to come and go daily. Please come and live in Mewar, so that I can always have your darshans”. At that time Shreeji refused. He told her, “As long as Shri Gusainji is here on earth I will not leave Shri Giriraj, but after he leaves for Golok, I will come here and stay for many years. Then only when Shri Gusainji is reborn, I will return back to Giriraj Govardhan in Vraj and play there for many years”. So saying, Shreeji leaves for Giriraj Govardhan.

Shri Vitthalnathji, is also known as Shri Gusainji.

ShreeNathji playing Chopad with Ajab Kunwari

|| Shreenathji Mevar padharve ke sudhi kar ek asur ko Shri Giriraj te uthay deve ki prerna kini ||

(This varta continues in the chapter on ShreeNathji yatra to Nathdwara)

(This matter has been translated from original ShreeNathji Pragatya Varta in Vraj Bhasha. Only the chapters relevant to the narration here have been taken)

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