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ShreeNathji moving from Giriraj Govardhan to Shri Nathdwara

(This is in continuation from the Pragatya Varta of ShreeNathji)

|| Shreenathji Mevar padharve ke sudhi kar ek asur ko Shri Giriraj te uthay deve ki prerna kini ||

|| ShreeNathji remembers about His commitment to stay at Mewad, so gives prerna to one asur to help Him move from Giriraj ||

Several years later Shreeji remembered the promise made to Ajaba in the time period of Shri Gusainji. He will have to move to Mewar for many years as per Shri Gusainji commitment to Ajaba. At the same time Shreeji knew, the lineage holders of Shri Vallabhachary would not agree to let Him shift unless they were forced by some evil to move from here.

So according to His divine plan, He ordered a Moghul king to make Him leave Giriraj Govardhan and also made the leela so that His own mandir will become secret. Then Shri Vallabhji Maharajji had a dream that Shreeji is moving from Shri Girirajji to some other place.

The Journey from Giriraj Govardhan to Sinhad, Nathdwara

The journey to Mewar, as desired by Thakurjee, began in 1669 AD, on Asadh Sud Punam on Friday, during the last 3 hours of the night. ShreeNathji with all His sevaks arrived in Sinhad (Nathdwara) in 1672 AD, on Falgun Vad Satam on Saturday.

Then, later in the vartas it comes that Shreeji’s Rath stopped exactly at the spot where Shri Gusainji had predicted several years back. It was the area where princess Ajaba Kunwari’s Haveli stood earlier; that became his final destination from Vraj, Girirajji.

Later by the time ShreeNathji decided to shift to Mewar, He had stopped interactions in the direct manner and over later time period moved totally inside as He did not get the required bhao, As we all know Thakurjee needs highest purity and bhao to be able to interact with His devotee; which unfortunately is missing today.

During this entire journey Shreeji insisted to keep His bhakt, an old lady by the name of Gangabai in the Rath behind Him. She became His voice; whenever Shreeji’s Rath stopped they asked Gangabai what is it that Shreeji required. When that wish was fulfilled the Rath would move again. The large procession consisted of all His Vrajvasi friends and several sevaks. These Vrajvasi till today stay in Nathdwara and serve ShreeNathji, though generations have passed.


Once the Shayan arti was over and all the sevaks left, a muslim would come and clean Jagmohan and Kamal Chowk with his beard. Though he was doing this for the past 12 years no one was able to see him, as he came from akash maarg and went back through the same maarg.

Finally one day Shree GovardhanNathji accepted his seva and gave him two paan beeda from His Bantaji.

Shreeji then gave him hukum, “In 52 years I have given you Raj to rule. You attack so that I will have to leave Shri Giriraj and hide. Never come back to My mandir again, as it will become gupt after I leave. You construct a mahsjid there, here do dandavat, but never go inside”. With this hukum, the muslim left for Agra, and with Shreeji’s blessings he was given a kingdom to rule.

|| Deshadhipati ne ek halkara Shreeji dwar pathayo ||

That is how Bhagwan works in unknowing ways. To the world it is not visible nor understood why some happenings take place in an instant. It can only be through Thakurjee’s leela.

Like anyone can always argue that Thakurjee is so powerful, why could He not prevent the Moghuls from causing so much damage?

What at times we do not realise that it is only with His wish that so many happenings take place. They are not understood by us because Prabhu Thakurjee wishes to keep them secret.

Here Shreeji had to move away to Mewar for the fulfilment of His commitment to His dear bhakt Ajaba; so He created the exact circumstances for His sevaks to be forced into moving Him.

|| Leela mein padhare Shri Giridhariji Shri Govindji ko Shreeji ke agya anusar Mewad padharve ko svistar vrtant agya kiyo ||

So as the Mughal menace was increasing it was thought necessary to shift Shreeji also to a safer place. The invaders destroyed the Idols looting the Hindu mandirs. In that period Shri Govindaji was in charge of taking care of Shreeji. His older brother Shri Girdhariji had already entered in the eternal lila. Shreeji told Shri Girdhariji about the worries of Shri Govindaji.

So Shri Girdhariji appeared in a dream to Shri Govindaji and explained the wish of ShreeNathji Himself to move from here to Mewar.

“It is ShreeNathji’s wish to Play in a hidden way at Giriraj Govardhan for some years. He has to go to fulfil the wishes of His bhakts. Shri VallabhAcharyaji had made Shreeji’s janm patrika and named Him Shree Gopal. This name means that He will always protect His gayan (cows). These Muslim invaders are only a nimit for ShreeNathji to move. On the way through the journey, there are several bhakts waiting, whose manorath Shreeji has to fulfill. So ready His Rath, and tomorrow after sunset start the journey with ShreeNathji. Do whatever He commands and go where He wishes to go”.

“Old Babu, Mahadev will go ahead with a torch and lead the way. The first night you will stay at Agra, from here you should have the next padav (camp) prepared in advance so that when ShreeNathji reaches there, all is perfectly ready for Him.

ShreeNathji will convey His desires to His bhakt Ganga Bai only, so you will ask her what to do”. After explaining the details, Shri Giridhariji returned to Shreeji mandir.

|| Shri Giriraj su ShreeNathji Mewad padhrave ko pahile Agra padhare ||

|| ShreeNathji first stops at Agra after leaving Shri Giriraj ||

The next day, ShreeNathji was offered His Rajbhog earlier, and His Rath (Chariot) made ready for His travel by the Dandvati Shila. The three brothers, Shri Govindaji, Shri Bal Krishanji, Shri Vallabhji, gathered with the Vrajvasi and bhakts requesting ShreeNathji to proceed, but Shreeji would not move.

Dandvati Shila today

Dandvati Shila today

So they asked some Vrajvasi to come and tease ShreeNathji. When they did, as ShreeNathji had said earlier to Shri Girdhariji, He laughed and like a little child got in His Rath ready for the travel. Again the Rath would not move.

When asked, Shreeji said that He wanted Gangabai to travel behind His Rath. Once all was completed according to ShreeNathji’s desire, the yatra began.

|| Do jalghariya seva aur sabha ko alokik parakram ||

|| Extraordinary strength in the two jalghariya, seva and sabha ||

The two jal bhariya, Shreeji’s sevak used to fill water from the river. When the 200 Muslim soldiers came to destroy Shreeji’s mandir, they fought and killed all of them except the Usta.

Then they sent the Usta (leader) back to the Muslim King so that he could return with more soldiers which the two jal bhariya would also kill. These two sevaks had become so strong and energetic that they stood on the Sinh pos for six months without hunger or thirst.

The muslim leader returned with 500 more soldiers which they again killed.

Shreeji realised that these two have become very strong and will wait here to kill the rest of the mlaech. But Shreeji’s plan was to move on, so He gave Darshans to the two jal ghariya, “Shri Giridhariji has filled you both with strength and courage to destroy all the mlaech when they attack. But My desire is different. I have made promises to many bhakts who I will meet on the way. The promises I had made to them have to be fulfilled. So stop this fight. After fulfilling all the promises I will return to Vraj, so you enter my leela and stop the war”.

With Shreeji’s grace, both received divine vision and saw Shri Giriraj shine with jewels and several other mandir shining with jewels. This mandir also shone with jewels; outside the door near the Nagarkhana they also saw the mahejit and the mlaech who cleaned the place with his beard. With Shreeji’s blessings, both received complete gyan. They threw their weapons, and left their physical body to enter ShreeNathji’s leela. The brothers names were Seva and Sabha.

Later after some days the muslim Kings architect and builder came on Girirajji with an army. But they could not see the mandir which had become gupt. So they constructed a Mahejit here and left.

|| Shreeji Agra padhare tako svistaar vrtant ||

||Details of Shreeji stay at Agra ||

When ShreeNathji reached Agra from Girirajji, it was early morning. All doors were open, the guards in deep sleep.There was no one to stop them.

So Shreeji reached His Haveli, got down Himself and declared that this is the place where we will complete Annakut festival.

At this time the deshadipati was asleep in bed in his mahejit. ShreeNathji Appeared here and kicked him hard on the back; gave him a hukum in his dream; I am in Agra today, you will have to obey Me. I have come here of My free Desire, you’ll have not defeated us.

The Maleach woke up frightened but did not see ShreeNathji. The place where Shreeji had kicked him on the back had Shreeji’s foot imprint with a kamal on it.

This maleach King began worship of ShreeNathji in secret. He only ate two jau roti with chara bhaji, sleep on the stones; doing this tapasya for ShreeNathji’s darshans.

|| Navneet Priyaji ko Agra padhraye tako svistaar vrtant ||

|| Details of Shree Navnit Priyajee coming to Agra ||

They reached Agra in one night; Shreeji stayed in His Haveli here. Shree Navneet Priya was in Gokul at that time.

Workers were sent with the hukum, “Fetch Shri Dauji Maharaj and all the daughters and daughters in law, and tell the bhiteriya mukhiya, Vitthal Dubeji to carry Shree Navneet Priyajee also to Agra”.

When Vitthal Dubeji showered and went to wake up Shree Navneet Priyajee it was middle of the night and Shree Navneet Priyajee was deep asleep and did not wake up. He did not wake up even after requesting with joint hands. Soon Vitthal Dubeji realised that Shree Navneet Priyajee will leave only at dawn, he went to sleep outside in the chowk. At 4 am he again took a shower, prepared some samagri in purity, and woke up Shree Navneet Priyajee again. He offered Mangal bhog, then shringar bhog, carried Shree Navneet Priyajee in a Myano, with two-four bhitariya, and jal ghariya. They all left for Agra, reached Gau ghat.

The third son of Shri Gusainji, Shri BalKrishnji, his nephew Shri Vrajraiji had been granted a blessing that Shree Navneet Priyjee will partake rajbhog for one day from his hands.

After resting here they all leave for the Haveli where ShreeNathji was established. Shri Govindji, Shri Bal Krishnji, Shri Vallabhai, Shri Dauji, and all the daughters and daughter in laws were delighted to have darshans of Shri Navneet Priyajee. After completing Utthapan and Shayan He rested on His bed.

Shri Govindji calls Dubeji muthiya and tells him to ask for some blessing as he had brought Shree Navneet Priyajee safety to Agra.

Dubeji, “Please bless us that seva of ShreeNathji and Navneet Preeyaji always stays in my family”.

Shri Govindji, “As long as it happens in our family, it will continue in your family too”, he blessed.

Navneet Preeyji after performing many miracles was finally brought to Agra and since has stayed with Shreeji at Nathdwara.

Shree Navneet Priyaji at Nathdwara

Shree Navneet Priyaji at Nathdwara

|| ShreeNathji ko Dandot ghati mein padhrano ||

|| ShreeNathji reaching Dandoti ghat ||

After playing many leelas here, celebrating the Annakut festival in Agra Shreeji gave hukum to Gangabai, “I wish to go to Dandoti Ghat. Make the preparations”. After completing the Rajbhog arti, they left for Dandoti ghat. The malech dwarpal who sat on the doors became blind temporarily and did not see anything.

|| Halkaran ne Shreeji ke Agra padhrave aadi ke khabar deni ||

|| Gaurds give news of Shreeji entering Agra ||

Next day the halkaran came to the Badshah with the news, “the Dev who had come from Giriraj, their stay in the night was in a Haveli; but I do not know when they left in the morning”. The Badshah wanted to understand how the guard was sure about this Haveli.

The halkaran replied, “Sahib, there are several patal dona scattered around that area. water from the panale has been used a lot. Only Gokulya use so much water and patal dona”.

Hearing this the Badshah laughed inside, “I know that they were here. In fact they came here several days ago, and it is already three days that they have left.(means the guards were all in sleep for so many days) But I am not their enemy, I received His hukum and did what was required. It is His joy where He wants to Play next. Don’t reveal this to anyone else, if the Mullah hears about it he will run after them”.

|| Mleach, bahut se malech sung lekar Shreeji ke peechy gayo ||

|| A mleach, along with several other malech followed Shreeji ||

When the mullah heard about this Dev from Girirajji, has gone to Dandauti ghat, he followed them with a lot of soldiers. The Badshah warned them not to go after as this Dev is very powerful and karamati. But the malech did not listen to him and followed them till Chambal river.

Shreeji’s Rath stopped at Chambal, so Shri Govindji told Ganga bai to ask Shreeji what He wished to do. She asked Him, “Baba what is Your desire”? Shreeji replied, “I wish to stay at the Chambal River, complete Utthapan here”.

Soon the mlech also reached close by, Shri Govindaji got worried and told Ganga bai to ask Shreeji again about this.

Shreeji, “Tell him to continue with the Utthapan here, why should we worry about the mlech, if they attack we will take care of it”. So the Shankhnaad happened, all became relaxed and continued with the seva. ShreeNathji did the miracle so that His Rath looked like a huge mountain to the mlech army, all the sevaks with Shreeji looked like huge lions.

The mlech army was confused that they did not see even one human. even the dialogue of the sevaks sounded like the roar of lions. Frightened they began to run fat and reached the Badshah, telling him of how karamati the Dev was.

|| Krishnpur padhrayve ke liye Gangabai ke prati ShreeNathji ki agya ||

|| ShreeNathji gives order through Gangabai to leave for Krishnpur ||

Next day ShreeNathji called Gangabai to go tell Shri Govindji that He wished to go back to Chambal and go up to Dandauti ghat. Then beyond Dandoti Ghat in the town of Krishnapur, Shreeji decided to stay.

|| Shri Gusainji ke vardansu Vrajraiji Shreeji ki seva sattais din kiye ||

|| With the blessing of Shri Gusainji Vrajraiji does seva for twenty seven days ||

ShreeNathji realised that Vrajraiji was here coming for His seva. He had to fulfill the vardan given to Bal Krishanji and Vrajraiji by Shri Gusainji several years ago. So Shreeji sends His group of sevaks to go live in the large house situated about one Kos away. Vrajraiji had an old vardan from Shri Gusainji which I have to fulfil. He will do seva from the next twenty seven days as per the vardan; you all return on the twenty eighth day and take over My seva.

|| Shreeji ki agya Gangabai ne Shri Govinddasjisu kahi ||

|| Gangabai conveyed this message to Shri Govinddasji ||

Gangabai conveyed this message to Shri Govinddasji; Shreeji has given us twenty seven days of separation; it is our duty to follow Shreeji’ hukum.

Shri Govinddasji remembers Shri Acharyaji’s sentence; to not question or do vinti if Shreeji has given some hukum. It should be followed perfectly. So they all leave with their families, and go stay in the house. Shreeji gave darshans to Gangabai daily.

It was a very sad period for Shri Govindaji and he also began dressing up like a fakir.

|| Atthaisve din Shri Govindji ne Shri Varjraiji ko nikasu ||

|| Shri Govindji removes Vrajraiji from ShreeNathji seva on the twenty eighth day ||

On the twenty eighth day when Shri Gopalji and his family came for seva, Shreeji was very happy. When all brothers, Shri Govindji, Shri Bal Krishnji, Shri Vallbhji, and Shri Dauji all gathered together and completed Shringar for Shreeji, These Darshans were very alokik.

|| ShreeNathji Mewad tak pravas mein kaise padhare tako varnan ||

|| Details of ShreeNathji journey to Mewad ||

Thus, the first Chaturmaas, ShreeNathji spent at Dandoti ghat. Shri Govindji were three brothers, and whenever Shreeji desired to move, some of them travelled ahead with the rasoiya, balbhogiya, jalghariya; and keep the Utthapan ready. ShreeNathji would leave after the Rajbhog arti, and reach the next padav by Utthapan, where they would complete the Bhog, Sandhya arti and Shyan. Shreeji would rest immediately, and the next morning early Mangla, Shringar, Gual and Rajbhog would be completed properly.

All would take the Maha prasad and move forward. One brother, Shri Vallabhji moved ahead with the sevak group; while Shri Govindaji rode in front of ShreeNathji’s Rath, Shri Bal Krishanji rode behind the Rath; five guards wearing kavach, armed with weapons surrounded the group as they moved forward.

On the way at villages if people asked for darshans, they were told that ShreeNathji is at Girirajji kandra; in this Rath is only bhao vastu; so saying no one was allowed Shreeji’s darshans.

Shreeji travelled in His Rath for a total of 2 years, 4 months, 7 days.

The journey to Mewar, as desired by Thakurjee, began in 1669 AD, on Asadh Sud Punam on Friday, during the last 3 hours of the night. ShreeNathji with all His sevaks arrived in Sinhad (Nathdwara) in 1672 AD, on Falgun Vad Satam on Saturday.

Meals were cooked all along the way, There were Gai travelling with them, so milk and milk products were in plenty.

|| Dandauti ghat su ShreeNathji Kota tathi Bundi padhare ||

From here He proceeded to Kota- Bundi. Anirudhsingh Hada was the King at that time. He came for ShreeNathji’s darshans and requested Him to stay here; he will take care of all requirements for ShreeNathji’s safe stay. But Shri Govindji did not accept this; but because the King is a good Vaishnav so we will stay here for some time.

They looked for the right place and found that Krishn Vilas is good.In the town of Kota at Krishnsvilas, near a rock marked with a lotus, ShreeNathji stayed for 4 months of the rainy season.

|| ShreeNathji Jodhpur padharveko Kota Bundisu Pushkarji padhare ||

From here Shreeji proceeded to Jodhpur; passing through Pushkar on the way. At the Pushkar lake Shreeji’s Rath got stuck; on inquiry through Gangabai as to why Shreeji has stopped His Rath, Shreeji said, “There is a lake somewhere close by as I can smell Kamal. Hurry and get Kamal for Me. Keep them in My Rath, I will enjoy their fragrance and then move forward. Then I will go where ever I wish to go ”.

So few Vrajvasi left for Pushkar lake to fetch Kamal flowers. They plucked many Kamal and happily returned back to where ShreeNathji’s Rath stood.

Shri Govindji offered to Shreeji; and because Shreeji loved Kamal so much all offered Him, Shri Balkrishnji, Shri Vallabhji, Shri Dauji Maharaj who was a little child then. All bahuji and betiji also offered ShreeNathji Kamal that day.

|| ShreeNathji Jodhpur padharveku Pushkarjisu Krishngadh padhare ||

The next stop was at Kishangarh. ShreeNathji’s Rath was in the nearby town of Ujad. Roopsingh’s son Raja Maansingh was the King at this time.

Raja Roopsingh earlier had divya darshans of ShreeNathji in Pitambar with Kesari Uparna; when Shreeji was at Girirajji. The Raja’s laukuk body died at the runbhumi; what people saw was his divya body entering Shreeji’s mandir. So all saw him enter ShreeNathji’s mandir, but no one saw him come out from there.

Raja Maansingh heard that ShreeNathji has come to his town, and because Shreeji was their family Ishtdev, he should hurry for darshans. Shreeji and His sevaks had camped at empty village called Ajmeete, located in a dense forest of Dhak trees.

There was a beautiful lake and a river flowed from a nearby mountain. ShreeNathji loved this place and His Rath stopped here. When the Raja came for darshans, he requestwed Shri Govindji to stay here forever, committing that he will look after safety of Thakurjee from the Mlech.

Also this forest is dense and beautiful full of Dhak trees and Kesuda flowers. When Shreeji was asked about His desire, Shreeji said, “I will stay here and celebrate the Vasant Ritu, which is for around three months. After this we will move on for Marwad”.

|| Shreeji Marwad padharat pedemein Veesalpur ke vairagi ku darshan denae ||

When Shreeji lived on Girirajji, in a near by village called Veesalpur, there lived a Guru and his disciple. Both went to do snan at Gangaji. From there they came to Girirajji and the Guru climbed up for the darhans. But the disciple had read Shri Bhagvat granth which had a shlok that said Shri Girirajji is Bhagvad swarup. The disciple then thought that it would be wrong to step on Girirajji if He was Bhagvad roop. By then his Guru came down after darshans and was all praise for beauty of ShreeNathji darshans. But the disciple would not step on Girirajji.

For three days they stayed at Shri Giriraj, completed parikrama. They returned without the disciple having darshans. Many year later the guru left his physical body and the disciple became Mahant.

ShreeNathji now comes to him in dream and says ‘ “I am Shree Thakurjee whose darshans you did not have earlier. Tomorrow My Rath will cross your village, you come there and hold my Rath, request Shri Govindji for My darshans. If Shri Govindji refuses, then tell him about My shringar which will be Shwet Paag Pichora shringar. Tell him that you know that Shreeji is in this Rath, please let me have darshans. Shri Govindji will let you have My darshans. You also make a wooden patiya and keep that in front of My Rath, I will have My Rajbhog daily on that patiya”.

This way Shreeji gave him hukum in his dream.

It all happened exactly as Shreeji had wished. The disciple had darshans and the wooden patiya accepted in seva for that day. That day Shreeji had Rajbhog on the patiya, and when they moved ahead the sevaks left it there saying that the vairagi will take it away later, his manorath is over. Later when the vairagi returned he saw the patiya lying there and became very sad with the thought that Shreeji had given hukum for this patiya but it has not been accepted by Him. So he picked it and bought back to his house and placed it on a proper platform.

ShreeNathji’s Rath moved ahead for three kos and suddenly stopped. It would not move whatever ways the sevaks tried. Finally Shri Govindji told Gangabai to go ask Shreeji what He wished, “There is no village for miles, no water, no shade to rest, why has He stopped the Rath here”?

So Gangabai asks Shreeji, “Jo balihari Lal, why has the Rath stopped, it does not move”? Shreeji tells her, “The patiya on which My Rajbhog was given earlier was given by the vairagi.I had given hukum to him in his dream to make one for Me. These people have left the patiya there only. I will move only when that patiya is brought back. Henceforth I will have My Rajbhog only on that patiya”.

So the Rath started only when that patiya was brought back and kept in His seva. From this day Shreeji had His Rajbhog only on that patiya.

|| Shreeji Jodhpur padhare Champaeni mein Chaturmaas viraaje ||

From here Shreeji moved on to Jodhpur. Near Jodhpur, three Kos away, was Chapaseni, village, where ShreeNathji expressed His desire to stay. There was a huge Kadamd Khedi here, and it was Chapaseni village where ShreeNathji spent the third Chaturmaas (rainy season of four months).

Since He began travel from Giriraj, ShreeNathji Shreeji spent three Chaturmaas on the way.

The first Chaturmaas was spent at Krishnpur in Dandoti Ghat, near the Chambal river.

The second Chaturmaas was in Krishnbilaas at Kota. (He halted here for four months).

The third Chaturmaas was spent in Chapaseni at Jodhpur. He also celebrated an Annakut here. Halt here was roughly for five months.

The fourth Chaturmaas ShreeNathji was at His mandir in Mewar.

For 2 years, 4 months and 7 days ShreeNathji travelled from Vraj to Mewar, He spent living in His Rath. The places blessed by Him along the way were, Hindmultan, Dandotighat, Bundi, Kota, Dhundhar, Marwad, Baanswaro, Dungarpur, Shahpura.

|| Shri Govindji ne Udaipur padhar Ranaji Shrirajsinghji su Shreeji ke Mewad mein virajve ko nihchay kiyo ||

Shri Govindji went to meet Rana Shri RajSinghji was told him about ShreeNathji’s plan to live in Mewad. The raja asked his old mother, “Vraj ke Thakurjee has come here because of the malech upadrav and He wishes to Live here at Mewad, if you give permission I will invite Him; but if the malech start a war because of this then what is my duty”?

His mother explained to Rana, “It has been through the good fortune of Mira Bai and Ajaba Kunwari that Shreeji has decided to come and live here, but you do not need to fear, as taking care of Thakurjee is of prime concern. so every possible sewa should be extended for Him. We Rajputs give our lives for our land, giving life for the protection of Shree Thakurjee is special, so do not worry if the malech attack. Do not delay, go immediately to fetch Him”.

Ranaji was overjoyed at his mothers words, and requested Shri Govindji to please hurry we welcome Shree Thakurjee”.

Shri Govindji returns to Chapaseni and informs Shreeji. Shreeji declares, “I will go to Mewad, We have completed the Cahturmaas here, celebrate Annakut, and We will start our journey”.

|| Shreeji Mewad mein paddhare tako savistaar vrtant ||

|| Detail of how Shreeji arrives at Mewad ||

So in the year 1671 AD, on Kartik Purnima, ShreeNathji headed for Mewad. Shreeji’s Utthapan, Bhog, Arti, Shayan were done at a small village which had a very deep lake nearby.

As the water of this lake was found to be pushkal, this water was used in ShreeNathji seva for that day. Later suddenly at night all the sevaks heard the goonj of Jai Jaikar coming from the lake side. As the source of this Jai Jaikar was not visible they all gathered at the lake side and asked,”Who are you who do this Jai Jaikar”?

The reply came from the akash maarg, “We are thousands of ghosts who have been living at this lake since thousands of years because we did not get mukti. Today when ShreeNathji drank water from this lake, a Pushpak Viman came here and said that that all the pischach who live here can assume a divya body and come to Vaikunth with them.

Shree Vaikunthnathji said this and has made us all board this celestial plane. When today ShreeNathji accepted water from this lake, He granted mukti to all of us.After having waited for thousands of years for this moment, we are freed today with His kripa, so we do this Jai Jaikar as we depart for Vaikunth”.

Shri Govindaji and all those gathered were surprised on hearing this varta. Right from midnight till praat kaal the jai jai could be heard.

Next day after completing ShreeNathji’s Rajbhog, they started their travel and reached Sinhad (later known as Nathdwara) in 23 days.

Here ShreeNathji’s Rath was stuck in a point under a Pipar tree. When asked why, Shreeji replied,

“My bhakt Ajaba Kunwari Bai lived here; so My mandir should be built here, Ranaji desires Me to stay at Udaipur, but that manorath I will fulfill later. At present construct My mandir at AjabKunwari Bai sthal. I will live here for a long time; this place reminds Me of Vraj, I like the mountains here”. “There is also the Banas River which represents Yamunaji”. “This is Ajaba Kunwari’s land”, Shreeji said; “I will stay here. Tell all the Gusain Balak to build their baithak here also”.

Shri Govindaji began preparations to get the mandir ready. He ordered Gopaldas Usta, to hire maximum people and make sure that ShreeNathji mandir is ready in the earliest possible time. Work began day and night with hundreds of workers, and in a few months Shreeji’s mandir was ready.

In 1672 AD in Falgun Vad Satam, Saturday, Swati Nakshatra Shri Damodar Maharajji (ShriDauji) did sthapan of ShreeNathji’s Paat in the mandir Haveli. It was all perfectly done with Vastu pratishta and pujan, according to Vedic rites. Slowly all the various rituals and festivals were started again here similar to Shri Girirajji. Since then Shreeji happily began living here at Mewad.

A Gaushala was also built close by for all of Shreeji’s cows.

Shri Dauji Maharaj with a lot of loving care took care of Shreeji, and celebrated all utsav and the Mahautsav; all Shringar was also done by him.

Shreeji travelled in His Rath for a total of 2 years, 4 months, 7 days.

ShreeNathji Haveli today

||Badshah ne Shreeji ke Mewad virajveke samachar sunke Maharana ShriRajSingh pe chadai keeni ||

Four year passed peacefully. Mahamalech asked his halkaras, “That Dev who left Shri Giriraj, where is He now living.”? After some search they got to know that Shreeji is now living at Mewad. The Badshah malech was unhappy, “I had thought He will live in my land only. But He has left my land and is now living in Ranaji’s land. I will go meet Ranaji”.

The Badshah came and camped at raisagar. Ranaji then hid hos family in Mewad and with an army of fourty thousand came to the border.

|| Jab Badshah aur Ranajiki faujanke dera raisagar naharmagarape baye tab Shreeji Garm Batara padhare ||

That day Shreeji gave Gangabai hukum, “Go tell Shri Dauji there is Batara village. It has many variety of trees. Kevda, Ketki, Chameli, Raivelho, all grow easily here. I wish to see this place. In the mountain there is a gufa where a rishi is doing tapaya ince several hundred years. He believes that Shree Krishn will give me darshans here in this mountain. He has taken his pran up in the head, because of which he has been living for hundreds of years, waiting for Me to come. I will stay there for three days, grant him darshans and then return back to My mandir here”.

Gangabai related this hukum to Shri Dauji, who immediately made the necessary arrangements. On the way wherever the roads were bad, Shri Dauji would have have cotton mattress spread so that Shreeji’s Rath can cross over in stability and gives no parishram to Shreeji.

Three days Shreeji stayed in this mountain and wa very happy. When the Rajbhog darshans opened the vairagi came for darshans with a garland made of Neel Kamal. Neel Kamal are not found on Prithvilok, which meant that this rishi had access to Devlok from where he made the Neel Kamal Mala and offered to Shreeji.

With ShreeNathji’s permission he also offered pure Malyagar Chandan in seva. This Chandan is very pure; mixing one ratti in sava man oil produced lovely fragrance. Then the varta tells us how Vishnu doot come and take the vairagi to Vaikunth with them.

Shreeji orders Shri Dauji to use minute portions of thi Chandan mixed with the regular chandan used in His seva in the summer months.

In the entire yatra, ShreeNathji performed many miracles. Some were vardan given by Shreeji and the others were plays, which Shreeji did for His bhakts.

Many of them find description in the famous 84 Vaishnava ki varta.Gangabai was Shreeji’s voice for the entire journey, and till she continued to be a medium for all Shreeji’s interactions with the outer world.

For some years Shreeji performed miracles here. There are many vartaas described in the books.

|| ShreeNathji ke sevak Madhavdas Desai ||

Bhagvandas was Shree GovardhanNathji’ sevak, whose name was changed to Madhavdas by Shri Gokulnathji. He was very fond of coming for Shreeji’s darshans and would distribute a lot of wealth to the needy, on his way for darshans. Whenever he left home for ShreeNathji’s darshans he would live only on milk and fruits. He would stop all regular cooked food.

Shreeji gave hukum to Madhavdas in his dream, “Make complete ornaments for a woman’s shringar from head to toe costing one laksh mudra. Keep them in a banta and bring them when you come next time for my darshan. Offer them to me”. In 1685 AD, in the month of Chaitra, this Vaishnav came for darshans and offered the ornaments banta in Shreeji sanmukh.

Later Shree GovardhanNathji gave hukum to Shri Dauji, “The ornaments which have come, are a complete shringar for a woman from head to toe. I want Gangabai to wear them and come for my Bhog Darshans”. Same hukum He gave to Gangabai.

When she came in the mandir, Shreeji ordered her to take off all ornaments and keep them on the stool in the shayya mandir. From here she entered ShreeNathji leela, and all of Shreeji’s interactions with the outer world came to a minimum.

|| Iti ShreeNathji ke Pragatya Varta sampoorn ||

By the time Shreeji decided to shift to Mewar, He had stopped interactions in the direct manner and over later time period as He did not get the required bhao, moved totally inside. As we all know God needs highest purity and bhao to be able to interact with His devotee; which unfortunately is missing today.

“Though today His Presence may be felt by His close worshippers in His Nathdwara - Haveli, there is no personal meeting anymore; except for a few very, very lucky divine souls whom Shreeji loves.

Important dates in ShreeNathji history

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