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Shri Parmanand Das

Shri Parmanand Das stay on brutal is from VS 1550-1641.

In Nitya lila, he is Tok sakha.

In the Nikunj Baal lila he is Shree Thakurjee’s sakhi named Chandrabhaga sakhi.

Shri Parmanand Das is mukhy adhikari of dwar at Surbhi Kund and is nity (always) virajman here in his sakhi roop.

Any jeev can enter this dwar only with her permission.

Present day photo of Shri Parmanand Das dwar at Surbhi Kund with Giriraj Shilas placed on it.

श्री परमानंद दास जी

नित्य लीला में सखा तोक

निकुंज लीला में सखी चंद्रभागा

मुख्य अधिकारी सुरभी कुंड द्वार, श्री गोवर्धन,

भूतल पर स्थिति - VS 1550 से 1641

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