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Surbhi Kund

Sacred Surbhi Kund at Shri Govardhan parikrama marg. This kund is located near the Indr Maan Bhung mandir, west of Giriraj Govardhan.

Surbhi is Indr Dev's Kamdhenu cow. After Shree Krishn destroyed Indrdev's ego, he did abhishek of Shree Krishn at Girirajji. Milk from Surbhi cow was used for this sacred abhishek .

In her desire to witness the divine leelas of Shree RadhaKrishn, Surbhi stayed back on earth till the duration of Shree Krishn's leela period at Vraj.

Raja Vajranabh, Shree Krishn's grand son built this kund in Surbhi's memory.

ShreeNathji played with His gwal sakhas here.

Blessed by ShreeNathji, every sthal and scene takes a different alokik meaning @ Giriraj Govardhan, Surbhi Kund.

On special days the number of bhakts doing parikrama increases. All the Kunds serve as a place to refresh up and continue.

Several ancient trees surround the area and Girirajjj darshans can also be had from here.

Shri Parmanand Das is mukhy adhikari of dwar at Surbhi Kund.

Present day photos of Surbhi Kund

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