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Vraj Mandal – Brief details

Vraj Mandal is the original bhumi of Divine Shree RadhaKrishn when They graced this earth in a human Form as an Avtaar; more than 5250 years ago.

Along with these divine Avatars came the divine 84 kos of Vraj bhumi from Golok. Each and every form of life in this 84 kos was divine. Nothing was from Prithvi lok, (Earthly dimension); all descended from the divine dimensions for various reasons. (This topic is so vast , books and books have been written on it).

With the passing of time this Pavitra Bhumi has been destroyed over and over again. As recorded in spiritual history, over the past 700 years various bhakti sants and Ishwar ke pratinidhi (Messangers of God) have appeared here again to reestablish this sacred pavitr dham. These various divine souls were graced by Shree RadhaKrishn, who granted them the diyva drishti (divine vision).

Acting according to the Divine will they went in states of samadhi (trance) and visualised many leelas as happening right here. They were helped by Ishvariya shakti (Godly powers) to identify the various original leela sthals (leela spots) of the divine Shree RadhaKrishn.

After a time lapse of thousands of years these Leela sthali’s were reestablished again with aid of various Hindu Rajas. This was a period when ShreeNathji also Appeared from Shri Govardhan to bring kripa for several divine souls who were caught in the karmic cycle from the earlier avatar leela.

This re discovering of the perfect sthals is what we know as the Vraj Mandal today. What we see is only the physical, geographical area. the actual divinity of this pavitra brume remains hidden till one has attained some level of sattvikta in Mind, Body, Soul.

The divine is not visible or felt unless it is the Divine Will and Grace.

Today what we have as Vraj Mandal is a gift from these pure rasik sants who in their highly meditative states had visions of the various leelas of ShreeKrishn and ShreeRadha Many saints did their tapasya here and were rewarded by Them with sacred symbols in the Form of Their Divine Charan (footprints).

Unfortunately this recently built Vraj Mandal was again the target of destruction by Mughal Kings who ruled India around 13-14 centuries. They wished to destroy all places of Hindu Pujan, and did manage to destroy and loot many scriptures, along with the mandirs and original pran pratishtit Idols.

During this vinash(destruction) period several of the reestablished divine spots – leela sthalis were again destroyed.

So what we have today as our known sacred spots may not all be really alive with the Presence of Live Urjas; ShreeRadhaKrishn or ShreeNathji’s Flowing Presence.

Though after this destruction, Vraj Mandal has been rebuilt in many ways and has more than 5000 temples, only a handful would be true places of worship where one can feel the Presence of The Divine Thakurjee.

The rest of the mandirs are only for tourists and a way to earn money for the locals.

Jai Shree RadheKrishn

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