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What Path is my Path

In the Spiritual search, What is my path?

What Path is my Path?

In walking the Spiritual Path, how do I decide what is suitable for me?

In doing what spiritual,religious practise, do I feel peaceful?

There are various spiritual paths, different  gurus, unlimited spiritual books,

Deep scriptures, different  forms of God, numerous  preachers,

Many religions, contradictory  theories, many different religion groups,very sacred  pilgrimage places;

And I could go on with the list endlessly.

Maybe the ultimate goal and the final experience would  be nearly the same.

What’s important to introspect is,

“How will I reach there” What path is my path?

(The above photograph is of the divy Himalayas,which has been the Tapo Bhumi since 1000’s of years)

How to decide what is suitable for me?

These few questions put to your own mind might help in the right direction;

“What image of God comes in my mind when I shut my eyes in prayer”?

“Which path am I able to spend my maximum time in?”

“Which scripture or spiritual book am I able to read multiple times without boredom”?

“What Master’s teaching is it that I can identify with the most?”

“Time spent in; what type of reading, doing which ritual,

Praying to which God, following which Guru’s understanding creates the so longed for peace in my mind?”.

Which Sants teachings touch my heart?

“What type of meditation helps me go deep enough?”

In what do I feel peaceful?

And then follow this answer with complete faith and shraddha for the right results.

Or an entire life could continue in the wrong kind of pursuit.

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