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Reality of ShreeNathji’s Swarup

The Swarup (Idol) of ShreeNathji, as it is established in Nathdwara today Appeared in the Pavitra Vraj Bhumi; from within the sacred Parvat of Shri Govardhan.

Shree RadhaKrishn re Appeared as ShreeNathji to collect the divine souls and take them back in the eternal divine leela.

ShreeNathji pragtaya at Shri Govardhan

This sacred Govardhan Giriraj today, is located at a distance of 14 miles from Mathura, in the east of Anyor village. This Swarup of Shree RadhaKrishn as ShreeNathji, is a continuation from His original Swarup of some 5236 years ago when He lifted this same Girirajji to protect His dear Vrajwasis.

(Shree Krishn was born on the 19|20 July, 3228 BC; at 12.39 am in Mathura; in Rohini Nakshatra, Shravan Vad Aatham;

{this data is taken from the scriptures, Harivansh, Part-1,Chapter 52; Bhagvadji,10th skand,3rd chapter; Vishnu Puran,1st chapter,26th shlok,5th ansh})

In the Dwapur Yug Bhagwan Shree Krishn took birth at Mathura on the Vraj bhumi, along with all His Divine souls who accompanied Him in various forms; namely the Gopis, His divine parents, divine gwals.

Honouring the requests of all Devtas, Devis, Rishis, Munis, the higher divine souls and Bharat bhumi herself, Shree Krishn incarnated on this earth to destroy all evils. Shree Radha, His Eternal Divine Love took birth two years earlier at Rawal, Mathura. She came with Him also to establish bhao in bhakti; showing us the Divinity in love and bhakti, called Divine Love Consciousness.

Though ShreeKrishn and Radha are eternally the same Soul, They Appeared on Earth as two Souls and two Bodies, in the period of Dwapur yug 5236 years ago.

In that time period, among several divine Leelas which ShreeKrishn performed is the very famous divine leela in which He lifts Giriraj Govardhan for seven days on His left small finger. This leela further describes how ShreeKrishn destroyed the ego of Indr dev and showed the world that He is the Supreme Shakti.

Shri Govardhan Leela

This Swarup of Shree Krishn stayed back in Girirajji, once the Govardhan leela was over. This famous varta finds description in all Hindu holy books.

Also several divine souls were left behind on the Earth level once the Leela was completed.

Bhavishyavani (forecast) about ShreeNathji’s Appearance in Kaliyug had already been mentioned in the Giriraj Khand of the holy scripture Garg Samhita.

“O king, 4800 years after the beginning of Kaliyug, as everyone watches, Shree Krishn will emerge from a cave on Govardhan parvat and reveal His transcendental Form at Shringar mandal. All bhakts will call this Form of Krishn as ShreeNath. He will always enjoy leelas and plays on Shri Govardhan”.

ShreeNathji is the same Form of Shree Krishn who had played this leela earlier in Dwapur yug. He again Appears from the same Giriraj, in the 14th century, 1409 AD, and what we today know as ShreeNathji Swarup.

All Swarups of Shree Krishn are to be found Him. Bal Swarup as Lalan (Baby), Merged Swarup of Shree RadhaKrishn as ShreeNathji.

All swarups of Shree RadhaKrishn are to be found within ShreeNathji

He is also lovingly called Dev Daman, Indra Daman, Naag Daman by His bhakts. His full name as known to the Vrajwasis was ‘Shree GovardhanNathji’.

Bhakts in their prem for Him also call Him, ‘Shreeji Baba’.

(All details in this book are translated from the original Prgatya Varta in Vraj bhasha. I have taken sections relevant to this post. Some details are from the sacred granth Garg Samhita)

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