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Gopal Sagar Kund

Gopal Sagar Kund is located at Shyam Dhak, which is about 2 km away from Punchri ka lota.

ShreeNathji has done many leelas here, Ankh Michoni and Gaucgaran included.

The Kund is quiet, peaceful and clean.

It is surrounded by Shyam Tamal trees, native to Vraj.

There is also an outdoor Shiv mandir at Gopal Sagar Kund.

Opposite this talab is Shri Gusainji Baithakji, where ShreeNathji visited very often.

Also located opposite is A very interestingly shaped Shyam Tamal tree.

A view of this huge Talai from the street level.

Another open mandir which has been maintained clean.

Girirajji shilas worshipped everywhere around Govardhan and also all through Vraj.

The old well which supplies drinking water to the nearby villages too.

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