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Money Sanskar

Money, Money, Money..”Money Sanskar”

“All spiritual and humanity values take a back seat, and all actions justified as the only sanskar majority follow is money power”.

This is what I call “THE MONEY SANSKAR”. (A value and moral system which is based only on money).

In my spiritual journey, as consciousness moved deeper, a new outlook developed. The same world and the same people stood in a different light; visions of day to day life undergo some changes. The vision instead of being straight now moves in a 3D manner; it becomes like 360 degrees of viewing.

Though this deeper pure vision gives greater joy; in some situations can bring up different meanings in the same people and situations, which may not always be pleasant.

One of the ugly realities of our outer world I ‘experienced’ was the negative influence of money power.

Talking about SANSKARS (value systems) is very easy; also sounds very good; but I’ve

experienced what most people preach are only empty words majority of the times.

All Spiritual Sanskars; Humanity Sanskars are made a show of being followed only till lectures, pravachans, and discussions; mostly to impress others; who do the same themselves. It just becomes a big show of hypocrisy, as none practice what they speak.


In a world where money is the universal language all actions are accepted as right, as long as the person is rich with several zeros attached to his name; so the majority follow what I call “THE MONEY SANSKAR” (A value or moral system based on money only).

The larger the number of zeros attached with a name the loudest his truth is heard.

How much importance is given to the zero factor? In fact many people actually bow down to the “ZEROS”

Someone worth 10,0000000 (crores), Someone worth 100,0000000 (crores), Someone worth 9000,0000000 (crores) Someone worth 100,000,0000000 (crores).

Do the bank accounts really portray the true inner person behind the zeros; this person who dominates the thoughts and hence clouds the judgments of people around by the display of his money power; his only achievement being the number of ‘zeros’ attached to his name.

Most humanity is easily fooled by the layers and layers of masks we cover ourselves with. This is extremely easy, as no one actually has time to see beyond.

We all live in the gross level of realities; ‘Instant gratification’ in all degrees of living, for which money power is important.

The funniest is, when we agree to bow down to the power games of the corrupt, only because of our greed and with the good knowledge of them possessing the lowest spiritual or moral qualities. The lies, the deceit that many in the guise of some power exert over our lives.

And all for what? a greater share in the ‘Zero’?

I feel the moment we forget our realities and get involved only in figures and calculations; it becomes a total outward journey and the real Humanity Sanskars which should be a part of our life are forgotten.

It is only a human with any degree of spiritual awakening who does not bow to money power.

If you, your soul, your dot are the stronger one, this ‘ZERO’ then has to bow down to the real you. The zero factor becomes your slave instead of ruling over your life or senses.

It is then that you have gained freedom for yourself and are your own master; free from the raag-dwesh-lobh (attachment-envy-greed) of the outer dimensions;

Which in my understanding is true Spirituality.

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