Shree BalKrishnlal Ji, at Surat


Presently Virajmaan at Surat (Gujarat)

Paat Utsav on Ashwin Shukla 12

This Divine Swarup of Shree Krishn is small and beautiful. He holds a laddoo in His Right Hand and crawls on His knees like a baby. (Lalan)

Shree BalKrishnlalji’s left leg is folded and rests completely on the ground. His right leg is folded too but is upright and the sole rests on the ground.

This Lalan Swarup of Shree Krishn is also called as Shree Lalji or Shree Laddoo Gopal.

Shree BalKrishnalal ji’s Swarup represents three Leelas of Shree Krishn as an infant.

Putana uddhar Leela

Trinavarta Leela

Shakat Bhanjan Leela

It is believed that Shree BalKrishnalalji’s Swarup got entwined in the ‘Janoi’ of Shri VallabhAchary when he was having his bath in the waters of Shri Yamunaji at Gokul Karnavedh Koop.

Shri VallabhAchary served BalKrishnalalji’s Swarup with great devotion. He then passed on the Seva to his son Gusainji who in turn passed it on to his sixth son Yadunathji.

However, Shri Yadunathji preferred to worship the Swarup of Shree Dwarkadheeshji together with his elder brother (Shri Gusainji’s third son, also named Shri Balkrishnlalji).

He therefore placed the Shree Krishn child Swarup of Shree Balkrishnaji just in front of Shree Dwarkadheeshji.

Shree Balkrishnlalji was later taken from Kankroli to Surat, where He resides today.

Shree Gusainji had the darshans of Shree BalKrishnlalji eating food directly before him and kept This Divine Form very close to him during his teerth yatra to Badrikashram.

Shree BalKrishnalalji’s Swarup was established in Gokul and later in Ahmedabad. This Swarup is at present in a Haveli at Surat now. I

Mool Aacharya’s Sevya Swaroop was Shri Balkrishnaji / Shri Yadunathji

Sashtha Peeth: Shree BalKrishnlalji

Jai Shree RadhaKrishn

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