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Shree Kalyanrai Ji, at Baroda


Presently Virajmaan at Baroda (Gujarat); Shree Kalyan Raiji mandir, Vadodara

Paat Utsav was on Jyestha Krishn 2

Mukhya Dwar is at Shri Gokul, Vraj Mandal

The Swarup of Shree KalyanRaiji is tall and jet black. Both His feet are straight. He stands on a half-open lotus. He usually wears a tanio and a kirit/ paag/pagdi. His eyes remain downcast. Shree KalyanRaiji’s Peethika is triangular at the top.

The kumarika to KalyanRaiji’s left bottom holds a lute which is a symbol of Saraswati’s knowledge, in her hands. Shree KalyanRaiji holds the shankh, a symbol of communication in his left lower hand. He holds the Sudarshan Chakra in his left upper hand.

Swarup Bhavna is of Sakhi Bhek Lila.

Shree KalyanRaiji’s Swarup is of when He does the Laghu Raas Leela. So Shree KalyanRaiji multiplies himself and engages in a Laghu Raas Leela with each gopi in Vrindavan.

He displays his Tamas Guna at this time. Shree Krishn transports the gopis to his eternal realm, Golok during this time. But none of them gets to stay there forever. They get but a glimpse of Shree Krishn’s true Swarup and this fills them with great Anand, though they continue to reside in the material world. After this experience, the gopis realise that Shree Krishn is everywhere, in everyone.

Shree KalyanRaiji Swarup was first found in Kada, a small village pond near Prayag. As these villagers were Devi bhakts they assumed that this also was a Form of Devi and began worship in the feminine Form with feminine vastr and jewellery. This Mohini Swarup, the feminine Form of Shree KalyanRaiji is revered even today.

Shri Mahaprabhuji was in Adel at that time. Shree Krishn Appeared to him and gave hukum to go to Kada and explain the villagers how to do seva. To explain that they cannot do seva only of the Devi Form. Shree Krishn and Shree Radha have to be together.

Following the divine hukum, Shree VallabhAchary goes to Kada village and explained to the villagers how to do proper seva. He then removed the saree that the villagers had draped on the Swarup. Shri VallabhAcharya tore it into two pieces, made a dhoti and a Paag out of it and gave the name of Shree KalyanRaiji to this Swarup.

He appointed a man called Venu as the sevak and explained the rituals to him in great detail. Shri Gusainji and Shri Yadunathji performed the seva of Shree KalyanRaiji’s Swarup after Shri Venu passed away.

This Swarup of Shree KalyanRaiji is Virajmaan at Vadodara, Gujarat.

The dark, chaar bhuja Shree Krishn Swarup of Shree KalyanRaiji, is sevit by Shri Yadunathji’s direct descendants. Shri Yadunathji’s sons were granted this seva by Shri Gokulnathji (Shri Gusainji’s fourth son).

Presently Seva Swarup of Shashtham Peethadheeshwar 108 Shri Dwarkesh lalji Maharajashri

Jai Shree RadhaKrishn

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