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Shree Madan Mohanlal Ji, at KaamVan Vraj


Presently Virajmaan in Kamvan (Rajasthan)

Mukhya Dwar is Bilchu Kund

Paat Utsav celebrated on Margshirsh Shukla 5

Shree MadanMohanji is a small golden Swarup of standing Shree Krushn who plays the bansuri. His eyes are open and He looks straight ahead. Shree MadanMohanji adorns Himself with jewellery, floral garlands and a Mukut. He wears a Janoi around His neck.

Shree MadanMohanji’s left foot rests firmly on the ground and is tilted towards His right. His right foot rests lightly behind His left foot. Shree Radha on the left and Shree Chandravali stand towards the right of Shree MadanMohanji.

Swarup Bhavna is of Laghu Ras Lila

Shree MadanMohanji Appeared during the course of a soma yagya performed by Shri Yajnanarayan Bhatt, Shri VallabhAchary’s great great great grandfather.

When Shri Yajnanarayan Bhatt was performing his 31st Soma Yagya, Prabhu Himself Appeared from the divine fire of the Soma Yagnya and stated “I will Appear in the Form of Vaishwanar (i.e. Shri Vallabhacharyaji) when 100 Soma Yagyas have been performed” and then disappeared.

However He manifested Himself into This Beautiful Swarup which remained from that divine fire.

Mahaprabhuji, his son Gusainji, and grandson Ghanshyamji offered their seva to this Swarup.

Shri Ghanshyamji first did sthapan of this Swarup in Adel after which the sthapan was done at Mathura, Gokul and Jaipur. MadanMohanji now resides in a big beautiful mandir in Kamvan.

Shri Gusainji explains His form and Lila:

His bhav is found deep in the Nikunj, where many different types of leelas are made. Billions of Kaamdev are put to shame by the single beauty of Shree MadanMohanji. He makes many types of leelas. He plays the bansuri, calls the Vraj bhakts, and then Appears before them and arouses their Krushn awareness.”

Shri Madan Mohanji was given to Shri Gusainji’s youngest son, Shri Ghanashyamji.

Mool Aacharya’s Sevya Swaroop is Shri Ghanshyamji

Presently Sevya Swarup of Saptam Peethadheeshwar 108 Shri Ghanshyamlalji MaharajashriShri Madan Mohanji was given to Shri Gusainji’s seventh son who is the youngest son, Shri Ghanashyamji.

Jai Shree RadhaKrishn

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