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Shree Vitthal Nath Ji, at Nathdwara


Presently Viraajman at Nathdwara (Rajasthan)

Paat Utsav celebrated on Vaishakh Krishna 7

Shree VitthalNathji Swarup is that of a small dark golden Shree Krishn, who stands with His hands resting on His hips.

Shree Swaminiji, who presides on the left side of Shree VitthalNathji is Shree Yamune Maharaniji.

Shree VitthalNathji is the Swarup who played the ‘Cheerharan leela’. When the gopis worshipped Shree Katiyani Devi with a manorath of wanting Shree Krishn for a husband.

Shree VitthalNathji Swarup was found by a sadhu when bathing in the Ganga. He gave this Swarup to Shri VallabhAchary on the day his second son, Shri Gusainji was born.

At that time Mahaprabhuji remembered an incident that took place in the village of Pandharpur where the deity of Prabhu Shree VitthalNathji, in a beautiful dialogue, asked Acharyaji to marry so that He could take birth as his son.

Now the time had come when Prabhu and Mahaprabhuji's second son Shri Vitthalnathji (Shri Gusainji) both appeared in Sevya and Sevak form. Shri Vallabhacharya celebrated the coming of Prabhu Shri Vitthalnathji and named his second son after Shree VitthalNathji.

Shri Gusainji later entrusted Shree VitthalNathji to his second son, Shri Govindaji.

Shree VitthalNathji was initially bought to Kota and then later to a small town in Rajasthan named Khimnor

After ShreeNathji moved to Nathdwara, Shree VitthalNathji was also brought there, and a separate Haveli was built for Him by Shri Harirayaji.

Shree Swaminiji, who presides on the left side of Shree VitthalNathji is Shree Yamune Maharaniji.

One day Shri VallabhAcharya Mahaprabhu was bathing in the Yamuna River. He had fully submerged himself and when he surfaced he found the small deity of Shree Swaminiji entangled in his janeo (sacred thread). She told him that She is Prabhu Shree VitthalNathji’s Swaminiji.

The day on which this ieela took place was ‘Dwadashi’, the 12th day of the Indian moon calendar. Shri VallabhAchary ceremoniously established Shri Swaminiji next to Shri Vitthalnathji that very day and there was a great celebration.

Shree VitthalNathji is the Sevya Swarup of Shri VallabhAchary.

Presently Sevya Swarup of Dvitiya Peethadheeshwar 108 Shri Kalyanraiji Maharajashri.

Jai Shree RadhaKrishn

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