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ShreeNathji is angry and sad at Jatipura, Giriraj Govardhan at Vraj Mandal

..श्रीजी: “और देखो, यह प्रसाद कैसे रक्खा है मेरे सामने, गिनो कितनी मक्खी बैठी हैं इसपर, कम से कम पांच सौ हैं ..”

Today is the 7th August 2013; Shravan Vad Eakam

This conversation is with ShreeNathji about His sadness and anger at His Jatipura Mukharvind located at Girirajji.

We are at Vrindavan Dham today.

The day has passed in completing work in ShreeNathji’s Nij Niwas. At 4.30pm Sudhir Bhai calls me saying that we have to leave for Jatipura, at ShreeNathji Mukharwind immediately in 15 minutes, as it is ShreeNathji Hukum. We have to do the Shayan Arti around 6-7pm. No explanations.

(His hukum, several times in the past years, come just like this, all of a sudden, and then we have to literally run to be able to fulfil His command)!

So I hurriedly get ready and reach at Shri Govardhan, where our Punda, Ashokji is waiting for us. He makes place for us to sit close to Shreeji's Mukharwind. Shreeji is already dressed up for the Shayan Aarti.

The wait for the aarti to begin is nearly half an hour, which gives us enough time to look around and understand what is happening.

In this half hour I experience a very sad state of mind. What I see here is in no way pure or sacred. I see the greed, the filth, the uncaring attitude of the people who do seva for Shreeji here. And I find myself crying at the lack of sacredness and Bhao for Shreeji.

I have to hide my tears, as Shreeji would get upset, if He sees me crying. He is with us and it was He who had given hukum to Sudhir bhai for doing the Shayan Arti here today.

ShreeNathji conversation, which took place about this visit, I am writing here as it is:

1 - “यह लोग मेरे मुखारविंद पर कुछ भी लगा देते हैं, मेरे चेहरे को खराब कर दिया है। पहले मेरे मुखार को सजाते नहीं थे, सिर्फ वस्त्र पहनाते थे। मुझे अच्छा नहीं लगता। यह सब तुम लिखो और इनको बता दो।

मैं तैयार होकर खड़ा हूँ. देखो मेरे सामने गन्दी नाली बह रही है, कुछ सोचते ही नहीं। झूला लगा कर रक्खा है, उसमें से मेरे दर्शन करते हैं। पहले तो ऐसा नहीं होता था। मैं यहां नहीं रहता, भाग जाता हूँ। मैं क्या करूँ? भाव ही नहीं है, सब लालची हो गए हैं।

1 - “These people put anything on My Mukharwind, they have spoilt My face too. Initially they only decorated Me with clothes, never decorated My face in this manner. I do not like this, please write and let them know.

I am all ready and standing here, can you see the dirty naali that flows in front of Me? They do not think of anything. A jhula has been put up from where they have darshans, earlier this never happened. I do not stay here, I just run away then. What can I do? All have become so greedy, there is no bhao”.

2 - “और देखो, यह प्रसाद कैसे रक्खा है मेरे सामने, गिनो कितनी मक्खी बैठी हैं इसपर, कम से कम पांच सौ हैं। यह ऐसा भोजन कराते हैं मुझे; और रूपए की परात लेके बैठे हैं मेरे आगे, मेरेको बेच रहे हैं क्या? मेरे प्रसाद से ज्यादा उन्हें उस रूपए के थाल की परवाह है। इसे बचा बचा कर रखते हैं और घर ले जाते हैं”।

2 - “And just see, how the prasad has been kept in front of me, just count. There are at least 500 flies sitting on My Prasad. This is the food these people feed me with. And they sit with the rupee tray, are they trying to sell Me? More then Me they are worried about the money tray. They take complete care for that and take it all home with them”.

3 - "यह सब पण्डे और तिलकायत लूटने को बैठे हैं। मेरी फिक्र किसी को नहीं है। और इसकी बोली लगाते हैं, सेवा की। और यह बोलते हैं की तिलकायत को भी पहुँचाना पड़ता है, हर हफ्ते के चढ़ावे में से।यहाँ रोज की बोली लगती है”।

3 - “No one is really bothered about Me. The Pundas and the Tilkayat are all for themselves.They auction the sea here. They have to share this collection with the Tilkayats also”.

4 - "और फोटो, वीडियो लेने के लिए मना करते हैं, शायद इसलिए की रूपए का थाल फोटो में आ जाएगा। और चारों तरफ जो गन्दगी करके रक्खी है, और मेरे प्रसाद पर पांच सौ मक्खी बैठी हैं, यह सब रिकॉर्ड हो जाएगा”।

4 - “They do not permit to take photos or video.Maybe because the money thaal will come in the photos. Also al the filth thats spread all around, the 500 flies that sit on My Prasad will be recorded.”

5 - "लिखो, मेरी वेबसाइट पर, जरूर लिखो, और नाथद्वारा तिलकायत तक पहुँचाने दे मेरी बात। कहना, श्रीजी स्वयं ने मुझे लिखने के लिए कहा है, यह हुकुम, श्रीनाथजी की और से आया है”।

5 - “Write on My website all this. Let My message reach the Tilkayats at Nathdwara. Tell them Shreeji Himself has told me to write all this. Hukum has come directly from ShreeNathji Himself”.

In an attempt to explain the above conversation with ShreeNathji, I will say that He visits here at His Mukharwind, and is very aware of what goes on. We understand why Shreeji had called us here and what He was trying to show us.

ShreeNathji does not like been dressed up in the artificial eyes and the other artificial make up which the sevaks put on His Face.

In fact they also cover His entire face with chandan and various other decorations. Like He says, “Imagine someone covering your entire face with Tilak, not bothering to see where your forehead is. Why do they make me look so bad?

Also there are hundreds of flies around, sitting on the Prasad offered to ShreeNathji too. He notices this and asks us to see this bad state of seva.

Then there is a sevak sitting with a paraat (Large plate) for collecting all the cash offerings. Shreeji explains why this is so.

Just below His Charan is a naali (waste water passage), which gives off a very bad odour. In fact I find it difficult to sit there for an hour without covering my nose; Shreeji shows us this, asking as to how anyone expects of Him to be Present here, with this filth and bad odour around.

Below are some pictures illustrating this reality. They are taking from the internet, solely for the purpose of visually explaining the conversation and in no way trying to point a finger to the sevaks who have uploaded the pictures. In fact, I do not even know nor remember who was in seva that particular day.

Jai Shreeji!

Kshama karein

जय श्रीनाथजी प्रभु, क्षमा करें

I have carried out Your order and written all that You had wanted me too. I pray and hope it will make some difference in the seva that is offered to Shreeji here.

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Aradhana Sharma
Aradhana Sharma
Jul 26, 2021

ShreeNathji is angry and sad.

I read this varta 3, 4 times n every time it felt extremely painful n unbearably distressing. Everyone who goes there to meet Shreeji Baba ,can vouch for this pain . The lanes leading to the temple remains slippery and stink emanating from the drains blocked by polythene n plastics glasses used to offer milk for snan to Shreeji Baba, smell of rotten n stinking flowers piling up, noise made by shopkeepers n pilgrims make more chaos and within the precincts of mandir there is open smelly drain, broken plastic glasses strewn everywhere n panda clan battling for pooja to be performed by them, swarming of flies over the prasad. The whole pathetic situat…

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