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ShreeNathji return to Vraj from Nathdwara

At various points in the Pragatay Katha, Shreeji Himself has mentioned that He will return to Vraj.

Shri Vallabh Acharya has also said the same.


..Shri Vallabh acharya mentioned to Damodar Das that because Shreeji has ordered a Shikhar on His mandir, means that He wishes to stay here for some period. Then the Muslim kings will create war and ShreeNathji will then leave this place and go Live elsewhere.

Later He will return to Vraj and mandir will be built towards the ‘Punchri’ side of Girirajji. Thakurjee will do divine Play and His third Leela on the Brahm Shikhar.

..ShreeNathji tells Ajab Kunwari at one point that till Shri Gusainji is alive at Girirajji He will not leave Vraj. After that I will come to Mevad and Play for several hundred years here. When Shri Gusainji again takes birth and comes to take Him back to Vraj, I will return to Vraj and Play there again for some years..

..ShreeNathji tells the two jalghariya:

“..Shri Giridhariji has filled you both with a lot of courage and strength to kill the Malech. But I do not wish that you’ll do this as I have to continue with this journey. I have to stop at many places to bless many bhakts who have been waiting for Me. Once all that is complete I will return to Vraj and stay here for a period. You both enter My Leela and stop the war..”

Shreeji has nearly completed His committed stay at Nathdwara. It was because of a promise made to His beloved bhakt Ajab Kunwari. He insisted on staying at the same location where Ajab Kunwari’s Haveli stood. (This had been destroyed over a period of time because of the many invasions of various kings in their greed). Even though Ajab Kunwari was not present in her physical form when Shreeji settled in Nathdwara, in her Atma form she must’ve been present here all through the years in her seva for her Beloved Shreeji.

This committed period is now coming to an end. Then Shreeji will be free to move back to His original home at Vraj Mandal. The residents of Vraj are lucky to once more have the Live Presence of ShreeNathji in their midst; ShreeNathji who is the flowing shakti of Shree RadhaKrishn in today’s time period.

Anyone in their search for Shree RadhaKrishn will now be blessed by Them in Their new Form, which appeared 605 years ago as ShreeNathji.

Soon Shreeji will be back at Giriraj Govardhan and continue His leela here. As mentioned in the Garg Samhita, the third and last leela will be at Giriraj Govardhan on the Brahm Shikhar.

At various points in the Pragtaya Katha, Shreeji Himself has mentioned that He will return to Vraj.

Shri Vallabh Acharya has also said the same.

ShreeNathji return documented in the Pragatya Varta


।। श्री गोवर्धननाथ स्योद्धववार्ता ।।

अर्थात् ।। श्रीनाथजी की प्राकट्य वार्ता ।।

-- श्रीवल्लभ आचार्य महाप्रभुजी:

".. श्रीआचार्यजी महाप्रभु दामोदर दास सूँ आज्ञा किए जो श्रीनाथजी की आज्ञा शिखर मंदिर पे है, तातें कोईक काल या मंदिर में बीराजेंगे तापाछे यवन को उपद्रव होईगो. तब और देश में श्रीजी पधारेंगे और कोई काल तहाँ बिराजेंगे. पाछे व्रज में फिर पधारेंगे तब पूँछरी की ओर प्रथवि पे मंदिर बनेगो.

क्रीड़ा के अवसान समय में ब्रह्म शिखर पर क्रीड़ा करेंगे.."

--श्रीनाथजी, अजब कुँवरी से कहते हैं:

"..तब श्रीजी आज्ञा किये जहाँ तांई श्री गुसाँई जी भूतल पे बिराजे हें तहाँ ताई तो में गिरिराज कूँ छोड़ीकें न आऊँगो पाछें मेवाड़ में अवश्य आऊंगो और बहोत वर्ष पर्यन्त बिराजूँगो।

जब फिर श्री गुसाँईजी प्रगट होय व्रज में पद्दरावेंगे तब व्रज में पधारूँगो ओर फेर बहोत वर्ष पर्यन्त श्री गिरिराज पे क्रीड़ा करूंगो..”

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