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Shri Giriraj Govardhan birth on Earth

Giriraj Govardhan is born from Shree Hari’s Hrday (Chest). It was first born at Golok.

Sakshat Paripunatam Bhagwan Shree Krishn, who is the King of Golok and of countless universes, decided to Appear on earth for destruction of evil, He said to Radha: “O Beloved you are always in the fear of separation from me, so You should also come Appear on earth with me”.

Hearing this Shree Radhaji said: “There is no Vrindavan forest, no Yamuna river and no Govardhan Parvat on earth, how will my heart find happiness in such a place”.

Upon hearing this, to please Shree Radha, Shree Krishn Himself sent forty seven kos (one kos is equal to two miles) of His own Dham, along with Divine Govardhan parvat and the Divine Yamuna river, to earth. At that time forty seven kos of the divine sacred land of Golok descended on Earth along with the divine twenty four forests.

Govardhan Giriraj was born West of Bharatvarsh, in the middle of Shalmali-dweep, (which is now in Africa) from the wife of Dronachal (Mount Dron).

Headed by Himalaya and Sumeru, all the mountains came. They worshipped Giriraj Govardhan, did his parikrama, and chanting the stutis, proclaimed him the king of mountains.

All the mountains said, “You live in that Golok Dham which belongs to Shree Krishn Chandr, where divya cows live. You live as ‘Govardhan’ at Vrindavan, you are the Giriraj (King of mountains) amongst all of us. In the lap of Vrindavan you live, you are the jewel in the crown of Golok. At a very significant event Purn Brahm Parmatma Shree Krishn has used you like a chattr on His hands. We always bow to you”.

Since then the magnificent Shri Govardhan is acknowledged as the Giriraj.

How Giriraj came to Vraj:

Once when the great muni Pulastyaji, did his rounds of teerth yatras, the Maha muni saw Dronachal’s dark coloured son Govardhan parvat; who looked wonderful and charming with flowering vines, trees laden with fruit, sounds of gushing streams, peacock calls, colourful minerals, nectar trees, birds, trees. There was great peace here. Because of all the kandras that decorated the parvat it looked like the mangal dham. (holy place)

Hundreds of shikhars were visible on it, which made it the ideal place for doing tapasya (austerities). Deer and several kinds of birds and animals filled it. The madhur sound of peacocks from all over the parvat made it ideal for a mumuksh (one who seeks liberation).

All this created a desire in Munivar Pulastya to capture it for himself. For fulfilment of his desire, he went to meet Dhronachal, who greeted the muni with appropriate pujan. Once this was over Pulastayaji spoke with the Parvat, “Dron, you are the swami of all parvats. All the devtaas respect you; you are full of astonishing transcendental medicinal plants which always give life to people. I am a Muni from Kashi and have come to you with a request. I want you to give me your son Govardhan. I do not want anything else from here.

Bhagvan Vishveshvar’s maha nagri is famously known as ‘Kashi’, where the most evil person also finds moksh if he dies here, where Ganga river flows, and where sakshat Vishwanath stays. I wish to take Govardhan and do sthapan of him on a place where there are no other parvats. I will then continue to do my tapasya and pujan on Govardhan”.

Drona’s eyes filled with tears. “I am full of love for my son; but I fear your curse (shrap); for that reason I will hand over my son to you”.

He tells his son, Shri Govardhan, “My son go with Pulstya rishi to Bharatvarsh which is the land of divine karm; karmkshetra; and where with their satkarm people attain joys of Dharm, Arth, Kaam; and also with practising nishkaam karm can achieve moksh in a moment”.

But Shri Govardhan says, “My body is eight yojan long, five yojan wide, two yojan tall; how show will you take me from here”.

Pulastya being powerful, tells Govardhan that he shall carry him there in the palm of his hand, and not put him down anywhere till they arrive at Kashi.

So Shri Govardhan agrees, but with one promise; that if Pulastya rishi puts him down on any where earth he will permanently stay there and not move ahead.

Pulastya rishi promises to carry him straight to Bharat varsh, Kashi from Shalmali dweep, without putting him down anywhere.

Thus; Dron bids farewell to his son. Shri Govardhan bows before his father and climbs on the rishi’s hand with tears in his eyes. Pulastya muni held Govardhan in his right palm and walked slowly exhibiting his strength to people.

Govardhan parvat had full recall of his previous lives, so as they cross Vraj Mandal he realises that this is the place where Shree Krishn will descend with Radharani and all his gwals to show the world His Leela. This Vraj bhumi and Yamuna river have descended from Golok.

Shri Govardhan wishes to be able to see Krishn leela, when Bhagvan Shree RadhaKrishn descends from Golok to Vraj Mandal with all His Golok divinity.

With these thoughts, Shri Govardhan makes himself very heavy, which tired Pulastya muni. The great Rishi felt exhausted and forgot the promise made earlier. He put the parvat down on Vraj mandal bhumi. After bathing and cleaning himself, the great Rishi asks Shri Govardhan to stand up.

When Shri Govardhan does not listen, the rishi grasped it with mystic strength and also speaks sweet words, but ultimately understands that Shri Govardhan will not move even an inch.

He demands to know why he has become so heavy. Shri Govardhan says it is not his fault; then reminds Pulastya rishi of the promise made earlier; That Pulastaya muni had put him down here, and as per the agreement Govardhan will not move from here.

Hearing this Pulastya rishi could not contain his anger; though it not being Shri Govardhn’s fault, he cursed Shri Govardhan that he will reduce the size of a til (sesame seed)each day.

Since then the parvat shrinks each day. So saying Pulastaya muni left for Kashi.

As long as Bhagirathi Ganga and Giriraj Govardhan is present, the power Kaliyug will not take full effect.

A view of Giriraj Govardhan today

(This has been translated from the Hindi version of the Holy Garg Samhita written by Shri Garg Muni. It is a shortened description as required for the narration of the varta).

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