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Shri Giriraj Govardhan Leela

(This is a short description which has been translated from the Hindi version of the Holy Garg Samhita written by Shri Garg Muni)

The lifting of Govardhan parvat by Shree Krishn in protection of the Varjwasis from the destructive rain through anger of Indr Dev.

Raja Bahulawan inquired from Narad muni:

“Just like a young child would uproot a mushroom playfully and lift it in his hand, similarly we have heard that Shree Krishn only with one hand lifted the Govardhan parvat, like an umbrella; please tell us how this adbhut but divya leela happened”?

Then Naradji narrates this divya sacred leela.

Shree Naradji says, “Rajan, when Devraj Indr heard about the replacement of his annual yagya pujan and worship by the Govardhan pujan it made Him very angry.

So to show his anger and power to the humble Vrajvasis he summons his ‘Sanvartak’ clouds which are released only for pralay kaal (end of the world) and orders it to go destroy the entire Vraj.

On hearing Indrdev’s orders many strange coloured and powerful clouds with a huge roar go towards Vraj. Some are black, some yellow others green. Some shone red like the Veerbahuti insects, some were white like camphor.Others shone with a blue light like the blue lotus.

These various coloured clouds in fury began to pour rain drops as large as an elephant. Few poured drops like the stream from Elephant trunk. Crores of rocks as large as a mountain shikhar began to fall on Vraj. Along with this strong winds begin to blow which uproots trees and houses.

Maithiliendra! Parlay clouds, and terrifying , devastating sounds of thunder filled the Earth.

All the seven Lok including the Patal Lok within the Brahmand filled with the sound of destruction, the thunder and rain.

The diggaj (Elephants holding the directions) trembled. Stars begin to fall on earth from the sky.

All Vrajvasis along with their families run to Nand’s house and take shelter with Bhagvan Krishn and Balram: ‘Please save us from the fury of Indr; acting upon your words we stopped the Indrdev yagya and instead worshipped Shri Govardhan. Tell us what to do now’.

Shree Bhagwan calmly looked at the upset Gopis and Gopas from Gokul and instructs them, “Go towards Shri Govardhan, he who has accepted your pujan, will also protect you”.

Then Shree Hari Himself with His family goes to Giriraj Govardhan. Here He playfully plucks the Giriraj from the ground and holds it up with his left hand like an umbrella.

Just like a child without effort picks up a ‘gobar chatta’, or an elephant plucks a lotus with his trunk; in a similar manner Kripalu, Karunamayi Prabhu Shree Vrajrajnandan effortlessly and gracefully picks up the great parvat to protect His Vrajvasis.

He then tells all the gop’s, mother, father: “Vraj - Vallabheshwargan, “Gather all your valuables, cows etc and take shelter below the Giriraj. This is the one place where there is absolutely no fear of Indr”.

Then at Shree Krishn’s request Balram and all the gwal’s His age also put up their sticks to hold the Giriraj.

Soon Shree Krishn sees a huge flood of water coming towards Giriraj Govardhan; from deep in His mind He orders His Sudarshan Chakra and Shaesh to take care of the situation.

Sudarshan Chakra which is as brilliant as koti (crore) suns, then goes on top of the Govardhan Giriraj and begins to drink the entire flow of water-similar to how Agastya muni had drunk up the entire samudra (ocean).

From below the Govardhan parvat, Shaesh naag forms a circle around Govardhan and stops the flood of water; it becomes similar to a sea shore which stops the ocean water from flooding the beaches. Govardhandhari Shree Hari stands thus for seven days holding the Giriraj like an umbrella.

The entire time all the gop gaze at Krishnchandr in fascination.

Meanwhile Indrdev riding his Airavat elephant, full of anger enters Vraj mandal with his army. From a distance he throws his vajra weapon to destroy Vraj town. Shree Madhav sees this from a distance, paralyses Indr’s weapon along with his arm.

Fear grips Indr at being over powered. Similar to how an Elephant flees after being over powered by the Lion, Indr flees along with all his devtaas and Samvartka clouds.

Immediately it became bright with the sun, clouds move away, strong winds stopped blowing. Rivers returned to the normal flow.The earth dries up. Sky becomes calm, birds and animals become happy.

Govardhan dhari tells His friends, “All of you also come out now”. To which they reply, “No we have been holding this par vat with our strength, You leave from under”.

Seeing them talk this way, Mahamana Govardhan dhari Shree Hari shifted half the weight on them. This weight made the weak Goaps fall under. Picking them all up, and before every one’s eyes KrishnChander puts down the Giriraj as it was before.

Seeing this leela all worship Shree Krishn with fragrance,grains of rice etc, and offered foods made with milk and curds. They saw him to be Parmatma and bow at His feet in prayer.

Nand, Yoshada, Rohini, Balram, Sannand along with all the other elderly goaps, embrace Shree Krishn, distribute lots of wealth and food. From here all singing and dancing in joy begin to walk towards their homes.

At that moment al the devtas shower flowers grown in the Nandan van from the sky, singing glories of Bhagvan Krishn. The gandharv’s, siddhas from the other loks, sing praises of Shri Krishn, the lifter of the Giriraj Govardhan.

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