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Shri Giriraj Govardhan Pujan

(This is a short description which has been translated from the Hindi version of the Holy Garg Samhita written by Shri Garg Muni)

Shree Krishn explains the importance of Govardhan pujan and explains the right way of doing this pujan;

This Pujan vidhi is as explained by Shree KrishnChander Himself.

Just like the farmers pay tax to their King, annually all Goap would offer pujan and bhog to Devraj Indr in the Sharad ritu (Monsoon).

Once when Shree Hari saw the collection of all samagri for this pujan, He asked Nand baba in a meeting, “This Indr puja that you all do, what is the fruit? Is the fruit of this pujan laukik (of material world) or parlaukik (of spiritual worlds)”?

Shree Nand replies, “Shyamsunder! Pujan of Devraj Indr is the best way of gaining moksh(liberation); on this earth no human can find happiness without this”.

Shree Krishn replies:

“Baba, Indr and all other devtaas enjoy the pleasures of swarg because of their past punya and karmas. Through this enjoyment when the good karmas are over, they also have to come back to mrityu lok; this is the reason that this pujan and bhog to Indr is not the right way to moksh.

You should only do satkarma with Shree Hari bhajan. Anyone who worships Hari without seeking results from their satkarmas only, can reach param moksh, there is no other way”.

“Gau, brahamn, sadhu, agni, devta, ved, dharam; are all vibhuties of Bhagwan Yogeshwar. Those who depend on this and do Hari bhajan are the one’s who will find joy in this world and the other world.

This Giriraj Govardhan who manifested through the chest of Hari, came here through the powers of Pulastya maharishi, all the pujan and bhog samagri should be now offered to this great parvat, he is not just yagya, he is the king of yagya; he is very dear to me. I have explained it all, now you can make the decision of what you all wish to follow”.

Shree Bhagwan replies,

“Father! Because of their acts of punya (good past karma) Indr and other Devtaas enjoy the pleasures of swarg (Heaven). Once the collection of good karma (acts) is enjoyed and exhausted they too take birth as humans in Mrityulok. So please do not believe that their pujan is the way to gain Moksh (liberation). Even Brahm Devtaa is afraid of that, what to say about the humans manifested by Him on Earth? The wisest also believe that Kaal (Time) is the supreme and powerful.

So taking refuge of this Kaal all humans, with help of their sat karma (positive actions), all humans should do bhajan and pujan of Sureshwar Yagyapati Parmatma Shree Hari.

The one who surrenders fruits of all good karma along with Shree Hari bhajan and pujan, only attains ‘param moksh’ (final and complete liberation); and no one else.

Gau, Barhmin, Sadhu, Agni, Devtaa, Ved, Dharm, are all a part of Bhagwan Yagyeswar. surrendering to them, those who worship Shree Hari, find happiness and peace; in this world and in the spiritual world.

Girendra samrat, (Emperor of the mountains) Govardhan parvat manifested through Shree Hari’s Chest, has come to Vraj Mandal with the influence of Pulastaya Muni; darshans of which will grant the boon of no rebirth on this lok. Worship Gau, Brahmins, Devtaas, and from today itself make supreme offering to the great Govardhan. This offering in the King of offering and is very dear to Me. If you all do not wish to do this, then go do whatever your desire is”.

Among the Goaps, was the old and wise goap Sananad who was aware of the right principals in worship and religion. Happily in presence of Nandji he asks Shree Krishn to tell them the right way of Shri Govardhan worship.

Shree Krishn replies:

“The place where you wish to do Giriraj pujan should be cleaned with cow dung and all the puja samagri placed here.

With total bhakti the mantra ‘Sahastrasheersha’ should be chanted; keeping brahmins with you first bathe Girirajji with Ganga or Yamuna Jal.

Then flow a thin stream of white cows milk on Girirajji. Bathe with Panchamrit, and again with Yamuna Jal.

Offer Gandh,(fragrance), Pushp (flowers), vastra (Clothes), asan (Mat), various navadh (foods), mala (garland), Abhaushan samuha (various ornaments), best deepmala (lamps), and do the parikrama of Giriraj.

Do sashtang pranam (Bow down) with both hands folded in prayer recite:

‘That Giriraj Govardhan in who’s lap the Vrindavan forest grows, who is the Mukut (crown) of Golok, who is PurnBrahm Parmatma’s Chatra (Umbrella), I offer my prayers’.

(This mantra is Shri Svetasvatra Upnishad 3.8).

Offer pushpanjali; do arti of Giriraj with ghanta (bells) jhanjh, mrudung and other madhur (sweet) music.

Chanting ‘Vedahmetum Purushum Mahantm...’ and various other mantras, shower grains with shraddha. Place the Annakut (food offering) near the Giriraj.

Then keep sixty four cups in five rows and fill them with tulsi leaf mixed Ganga- Yamuna Jal.

With a peaceful mind offer ‘Chappan Bhog’ (fifty six varieties of dishes) in Giriraj seva.

Do Agni havan; worship Brahmins, cows and devtas with flowers and fragrance.

Finally offer the best food to the best of Brahmins, then to the other people, including the chandals also.

Then complete the pujan with all the gop and gopis dancing before the cows, and singing mangal geet with Jai Jaikaar of Shri Govardhan”.

“Now listen to the way of worshipping where there is no Govardhan parvat.

You can make a high structure of cow dung resembling Govardhan. Decorate it with flowers and garlands, blades of grass, vines and creepers, and worship it with the bhao of Govardhan Giriraj.

If anyone wishes to carry a shila (the stones from Giriraj are called shilas) from Giriraj Govardhan for pujan at home, he has to place a similar amount of gold on that place in exchange. One who carries the shila without replacing with gold, he will end in Maharaurav narak (a type of Hell).

One should always do seva for Shaligram Bhagwan. Just as the water does not touch the lotus leaf, hell will not touch the worshipper.

One who does perfect seva for the Giriraj shila; he receives the fruit of having bathed in the tirths of all seven dweep.

One who worships the Giriraj every year enjoys happiness on earth as well as moksh in the other world”.

This completes the seva vidhi as explained by Shree Krishn Chander Himself.

After hearing and understanding various truths, the Vrajvasis decide to do pujan of Shri Govardhan instead of Indrdev.

Then all the gopas, gopis, Nand baba with his two sons, Nand, Upnand, Vrasbhanugan with their families came to Govardhan. Radha comes with Her millions of sakhis, in full splendor.

Also came the Ganga and Yamuna; the personified vedas, the great rishis, several different types of kanyas from all over, Shiv with Parvati and Nandi came to the Giriraj Mandal.

The main Rajshri, Brahm Brahmrishi, Devshri, Siddeshwars, Hans, Yogeshwar, hundreds of brahmins also come for darshans.

Every Shila on the great Govardhan becomes jewel like. The shikhars become golden spreading their radiance all around. The parvat resembles a huge elephant full of intoxicated bees, flowing streams and beautiful caves.

The Meru and the Himalaya with other parvats also come in their divya forms with several gifts for Govardhan, and bow with respect before the Giriraj.

The historic pujan then takes place according to the vidhi shown by Shree Krishn Himself.

Once this is complete everyone does a prikrama of Govardhan. All around there is great festivity and in the middle Giriraj Govardhan shines like a great emperor.

To strengthen the Vrajvasis faith Shree Krishn then takes the gigantic form declaring that He is the great Giriraj Govardhan; He enjoys all the annakut bhog that has been offered and blesses the people gathered there.

On having darshans of Giriraj Govardhan form, the people experience great joy and feel blessed by the unique darshans.

The Vrajvasis thus believe that all their pujans and bhog have been perfectly accepted by the great Govardhan and so its kripa will always be on them.

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