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Gurushree Sudhir Bhai Shah

Gurushree, I humbly bow to you; though have no words to express my gratitude for your belief in me, because in that belief I have received an answer to that eternal question which every seeker seeks; ‘Who am I’.

I am humbled and full of gratitude to Shree RadhaKrushn, ShreeNathji for showing me the right destination to begin this jeevatma journey.

The first ray of adhyatmik roshni and bhakti in my life came through Gurushree Sudhir bhai, who explained myself to me.

It may help the reader to understand the deep, spiritual, adhyatmik part of Gurushree’s person if I talk about him in regard to what I have seen and learnt from him in my close association of 24\25 years.

My experiences with Gurushree Sudhir bhai as a person and then as a guru, have always been enlightening. As a guru he has always been motivating me towards my adhyatmik journey. He has always tried to bring the right awareness within me to wake up to the real purpose of this life. Over and over he has explained,. “Your soul, jeevatma is different, wake up, quality of this soul is the highest and once awake and purified it would be divinely powerful. I am interested in your soul as there is something extraordinary there”. He pointed me to the adhyatmik heights I could reach; all it required was a change in my perspective.

Gurushree Sudhir bhai’s Teachings

Gurushree always says, “The truth, the reality, is never in memories of the past; nor in dreams of the future. What is, is NOW in this moment. Stop crying for what was in the past, for its gone and finished, let it go. Today, this moment is eternity to be lived totally; to be experienced without attaching any labels to it”.

“Every moment is filled with joy and bliss. Be totally in the moment, in the Now; enjoy and spread this around you. One’s life should be a blessing forall”.

‘Meditate with eyes open’ you always teach us.

I have learnt humility from him, as also a lot of patience and discipline.

Without the right discipline nothing can be achieved; whatever the endeavour. Also, in the background of each action or thought, the most important is the ‘right bhao’ (feelings, intentions, emotions) without which all is useless; and bhao does not need money, as also money cannot purchase bhao.

“One cannot under any circumstances move away from fulfilling the sansarik karmas”.

The first principle that has been taught on the marg of bhakti and adhyatmikta is to continue with the daily routines of family and social life. This is also the teaching of Gita, and the absolute truth.

In fact, even jokingly if I mentioned how it would be so easy to follow all the disciplines if I went and lived away on the mountains; I got a huge lecture on the Gita and ShreeKrushn philosophy.

“You cannot run away from your responsibilities. You have been given certain situations, and relationships, which you have to fulfil to the best of your ability. Yes, between the 24 hours, with proper time management, take out the hours required to be in sadhna with yourself, in that time there should be no disturbance and you can do what is required. That is the right way to live your life; being in the midst of life, yet stealing time away for yourself.”

What an ideal situation! But is it easy? Not at all!

You have always told me, “If your intentions are good and you live your life with truth and honesty, there is no need to be afraid of society. Then Parmatma is always with you. Surrender yourself to Him, and He will always help you work out situations in the right way”.

One more thing that Gurushree always tells us to do is, to take your soul for a walk. This is a spiritual exercise. He says “We are always going here and there, trying to enjoy ourselves, what about the soul? Ask it to accompany you whenever you go for a walk, any where, the soul will delight in this and slowly one can feel its presence”. According to him it is one of the easiest ways of connecting with one’s soul. Finally when the time was right; I was to witness and experience this reality of taking my soul along with the body and mind for a walk showing it the outer world.

As a guru all pujan and seva is directed towards ShreeNathji Bhagwan. All manorath seva is only for gaumata. Seva for the pavitr cow is what he does, teaches and encourages all to follow. There are no diksha sessions.

Yet all those who have come in close contact and also those who follow with required bhao have found an opening for ShreeNathji connection. Each and every one has experienced the divine Presence around Gurushree.

He is like a storehouse for ShreeNathji Urja and blessings, which he spreads and gives to all the deserving. The divine marks on him since birth and those which appear when divinity flows is extraordinary. Selected few have been blessed with these incredible divine darshans.

Samay + Samaj + Sanjog = Santosh.

Time + Understanding + Situation = Satisfaction.

This is the slogan on which Gurushree works and also his explanation of the Gita follows this slogan.

Bhao+Shraddha = Atma shuddhi = Ishwar Anubhuti+Anubhav.

Another one of Gurushree Sudhir bhai’s slogan’s.

Gurushree Sudhir bhai’s relationship with ShreeNathji:

Gurushree’s friendship with Thakurjee ShreeNathji is a perfect example of Divine friendship. How easily he talks about this Divine connection, can only be possible when a person is totally one with the Divine Urjas.

He shares ‘Sakha bhao’, to the fullest with ShreeNathji Baba; each one relies on the other and love flows freely. And I am the disciple of such a Guru and MahaGuru.

The madhurta of Gurushree’s relationship with his Deity, ShreeNathji, is bhavpurn and never fails to touch that deep jeevatma within me. At times when Gurushree is in a anandit manodasha, he talks about his many anubhuties with ShreeNathji baba. The total bhao that emerges is one of extreme love and devotion in the Leela’s of Thakurji, and I get so engrossed in them I beg him not to stop. The energy flow that I experience on such occasions is beyond any joy.


His intimacy with ShreejiBaba (ShreeNathji) is anukarneey (exemplary). At particular moments I have been confused who is with whom!

Sudhir bhai’s physical body is as pavitra and shuddh as any Devalay. His Prabhu (ShreeNathji) who lives ‘within in a very live Form’ loves him. When there is so much of the Divine in him, I wonder how he functions as a normal human; so humble so simple.

His level of reality is so different; it's a world of bhao, of divine urjas and vibrations, aura and colours, bliss, anand, truth, purity, ecstasy, the mysterious, the chamatkarik, the unexplainable.

Most of the time I find him filled with the Adhyatmik prakash, living in the higher dimensions in that heightened spiritual state with his Deity Shree Thakurjee SHREENATHJI BABA.

As Gurushree works through his daily prarthna and blessings, the “.01” factor is always surrendered to Shreeji Baba.

And because of the purity and reality of his soul, Shreeji’s kripa is always there for him and through him for all the deserving.

‘Sab ka bhala ho’, Be happy, Anand mein raho.

I’ve been a witness to many incredible divinely mysterious situations, experienced innumerable hours in his company. As he says, “There are places where only faith and devotion work. Gyan (knowledge) cannot enter the deepest of anubhuties in the Divine world. One can enter only with astha, shradda, trust, faith and devotion”. Only then the whole experience becomes alive and we become participants, instead of mere observers.

“Where knowledge ends faith begins”.

'No one and nothing can be forced on anyone, it is always free will, in the adhyatmik yatra'.

Every moment with him has given me some opening into the world of divy anubhuties, which just happen in a sahaj manner.

The traveling of Divy Urja of ShreeNathji from Nathdwara to Mathura and back, I’ve witnessed several times and each time I am as amazed and astonished.

Sudhir bhai always tells me, “On this whole big earth there is no place for Shree Krushn (God). People will worship stones, go to various mandirs where there is no Divy energy, but when that same Divy energy is before them they are unable feel it”.

During these moments I have seen extreme sadness in the eyes of Sudhir bhai; it creates understanding about us, and the indifferent, non understanding humanity we have become. How many people are there who worship Shree RadhaKrushn for Himself?

The Manifest-Unmanifest divine energies are visible every time I’m there with Shri Sudhir bhai. He is like a Devalay for the Higher energies which come and go as They please and which manifest through him.

I have spent hours at ShreeNathji’s Gaushala at Nathdwara with him and ShreeNathji. ShreeNathji’s personal gaumata, the Kamadhenu cow from the original lineage of Nand baba, is to be found here.

There has never been any visit to Gaushala when ShreeNathji has not rushed out of His mandir to spend time with us at His Gaushala at Nathdwara after the Arti darshan is complete,

To such a Guru and MahaGuru I am natmastak.

Jai Shree Hari

Shri Sudhirbhai is a renowned astrologer. He has a PHD in medical astrology. He works as a spiritual healer, medical dowser, naturopath; Also conferred on him are more than 20 titles, most prominent among them being; Jyotish Acharya, Daivagna Bhushan, Jyotish Maharshi, Vishva Jyotish Samrat-91, Samaj shree Award .‘Vishva-Adhiyatmik Atti Maha Param Jagad Guru’, had been conferred on him in 1991, by the President of India, Giani Zail Singh. He lives as a householder who is very involved with all aspects of his family.

As of today he has retired from all professional work and has dedicated all his time and life in seva of ShreeNathji.

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Aradhana Sharma
Aradhana Sharma
Jul 27, 2021

Write n give it to the world as your experience- to believe or not to believe is there lookout n choice .

There will be someone who will read this ,... you know Gurushreeji . You have given hints several times . But I was not able to hear my internal voice which was dumped deep down with my ahankaar , lobh kaam, krodh n moh. You know the spark . Give it timely shaking. Sometimes scolding me but it was your vishesh kripa on me .

Masti mein raho , duniya gyi tel lagane.

Sometimes in lighter mode

You were tuning me to receive the signals more clearer.

Complete surrender to Shreeji Baba.

I don't know anything Gurushreeji.



Aradhana Sharma
Aradhana Sharma
Jul 26, 2021

. Gurushreeji is the epitome of divine love of Shreeji shreeRadhashree krishn which is flowing through him always and he distributes this divine nector who comes in contact with him."He is super soul ".He is always so full of divine energy that I always feel that whenever I got a chance to meet him for satsang at shree Dham Vrindavan , ShreeGiriraaj talheti,I found myself fully charged just like a mobile is charged 100% when connected with electricity power .Not a single question comes in my mind , I just want to spend these precious moments to remain in the close proximity of Divine Master my gurushreeji .


Aradhana Sharma
Aradhana Sharma
Jul 26, 2021

I humbly bow to Gurushreeji. I can count on fingers how many times I have met Guru shreeji. But I always felt , there is strong connection of past several births with him but I don't remember . He is epitome of divine love of shreeji shreeradhashree krishn.He is transcendental soul as abha ji has written in her book zero to dot. He is a master of all disciplines like Graphology, Astrology, Aura Reading the list is endless.

I feel like I have barely scratched the surface in getting to know him.

His presence overwhelms me and instills in me, a great power.My soul bows to him.

A true Guru at times , I feel , becomes like "all in…

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